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  1. Interesting. So it may be connected to Carlisle but not a true Carlisle by any stretch. That's the one! Although I noticed it on there again last week. Obviously someone didn't want it .
  2. Hello. I frequently read, but this is only my second post (and my first new thread). Thank you all for the generous knowledge that is shared here. I noticed this violin recently on an auction site. It is labelled as a J. R. Carlisle, but it does not have a usual Carlisle label. I do know that Carlisle used a different label in his early years ("J. R. Carlisle" in large font according to a write-up on Tarisio). Is that this label? Just to clarify, I am most curious about the label itself rather than the whole instrument. Is anyone familiar with this label? Thank you.
  3. First time poster here (long time reader). Sorry to bring an old thread back to the front. Do you know of a source for some of this thread you've described? I have a bow that had this exact stuff on it, but it was too far gone to save. Thank you!
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