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  1. Could any comment on a Kiernoziak versus a Whedbee?
  2. Thank you great info! Are Kiernoziaks and Whedbees comparable? Any thoughts on one versus the other?
  3. Thank you all! Great information. Any input on a violas made by Stanley Kiernoziak? I should add this instrument is not for me—I am helping my niece. We are aware there are a lot of makers out there. We are just trying to narrow the universe. She’s looking for something responsive—not too bright in tone.
  4. Hi looking for a viola about 15 3/4-15 7/8 15k-25K range. Anyone makers you would start with?
  5. Thanks-daughter is 15 years old. About 5’2”. Possibly Conservatory but most likely not. Not a prodigy but serious.
  6. Thanks all. To clarify my daughter is 15 years old. Full grown. We are in NJ but have tried some instruments on approval that have been shipped.
  7. Hi Can anyone point us in the right direction as we start a search for a viola for my daughter. We are looking for 15-15 3/4 size range. Ideally, 14k or less. Would also consider a workshop viola (if that’s the right term) at a lower price point. 6-8k? thank you.