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  1. Please forgive me for doing this. I have read almost every post on this forum, from as far back as it goes. I've been a lurker for years. I need to purchase a bending iron. I realize that there are many many posts about bending irons on this forum and I have read them all over a considerable period of time. I don't mean to try and split hairs or re-invent the wheel by any means. I need to buy a bending iron. Budget is not a concern, nor is delivery time for that matter. I guess I'm a wimp and just need somebody to make me feel good about the purchase of a bending iron. So.............StewMac (w/optional bolt-on piece), LMI, Ibex, Luthiers-Bench, and Chinese e-Bay.............there, I said it.

    From scanning the archives, and there is a lot of information, but there seems to be no consensus on what the "in the know" luthier should go directly to. Am I making any sense? There is not a fist full of U.S. dollars separating the options. There only seems to be iron shape and heat setting/monitoring features that distinguish one from another. Frankly, I'm not concerned with knobs indicating setting nor digital reading showing actual temperature.....when it's dialed in it's dialed in.

    I build acoustic guitars and I use a Fox bender/heating brainer. I have also built 2 F5 mandolins using a pipe and propane torch. As the years have progressed, I have finally set up a "build room" inside my house for doing the fine non-messy operations indoors. I want violin rib bending (and mandolin) to be one of the "clean" operations.

    You guys are the Pro's. What do you do in my case?

    I respect the opinions from guys/gals.