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  1. Thank you so much jacobsaunders. The cracks were fixed by a professional shop about 15-20 years ago. Based on the pictures, do you think it needs more work? Also, were there a lot of Markneukirchen cellos from that era and what do you think an average price may be? A wide range estimate is okay since I'm just curious to know the general ballpark. Thank you so much!
  2. My Mom gave us her cello about 5 years ago that she has had most of her life and she is now almost 70. It has part of a marking on the inside that says "made in Germany", but that is the only identification I can find. We are going to have to sell it and I don't have any idea what maker it is from or what general price I should try to sell it at. She played it in many orchestras and other cellists thought it had a wonderful sound. Any help you could provide would be wonderful! Thank you. -Jonathan