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  1. Same here (also Japan). What gives??!!?!!
  2. +1 on Chris. Also Howard Needham in Silver Spring
  3. Not to mention access to Brian himself. I've reached out to him for information several times since buying the book and he is amazingly helpful.
  4. No idea. I received a refund check and drop notice with no explanation. I tried emailing and no response yet.
  5. Got dropped from my instrument insurance policy with no notice. Any recommendations for alternate providers? I was with Clarion. Thanks
  6. Based on the suggestions here I bought a Yita 16" T20 viola and threw in another $50 for a bow. Overall, not bad for the $330 I paid for the combination with shipping. I immediately broke the C string while tuning it up and replaced with Dominants. The strings it shipped with are more like metal dipped rubber bands than strings. The fittings are pretty cheap, but workable. I may modify the setup later on, but for right now it's good enough and certainly comparable in tone and playability to the Chinese made violas I tried at local shops in the $1000-2000 range. The bow plays like a $50 bow and has low grade hair, overall nothing particular special.
  7. I only used Peter Infeld and perpetuals. Adding on to this topic, anybody know where to get decent prices on strings online that won't charge an arm and a leg for shipping to military addresses overseas (FPO address)? My usual sites all want $10 to ship strings via USPS, all I need is for them to put in a Manila envelope and mail them, shouldn't cost nearly that much.
  8. Something is off with that scroll...
  9. even if it was original what would be the point of buying it?
  10. Did you try with other instruments? I would guess that the phenomenon you described is more due to the room acoustics than the violin
  11. Sorry to be the guy to resurrect a post from the past, but did anyone ever standardize and make decent molds and templates? I am looking to make my first violin and saw this thread before pulling the trigger on the International violin set. Thanks
  12. I've never tried playing viola but want to try. I'm half tempted on an upcoming auction to buy one sight unseen based on the condition report to get something that might sound better than a factory made student violin. Judging from the past 2 tarisio auctions, it looks like there are some decent candidates around. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Price range is probably 2-4k.
  13. What paper is worthwhile? For bows I see a lot of raffin papers. How about millant?
  14. Anyone know if there's luggage storage somewhere? Looks like you can't store at the train station. Also do violin shops require reservations?