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  1. I went to a VSA in 2017 and in 2022. I did not pay and just viewed instruments on the free days. Both had great agendas, but like you I'm a bit of an observer into the world rather than a participant and I didn't put down the financial investment into it. Both times were very interesting and most importantly everyone was immensely approachable. If I wasn't concerned about cost I would go annually, but if it is an issue I'd recommend going on a competition year. Seeing all those instruments and getting to try them after the judging really dialed the experience up to 11.
  2. I liked a few of the Polish makers at the last VSA, some of whom were selling close to that price especially for newer makers.
  3. I took my violin to my luthier for an annual checkup and he said the bridge was about 2mm too close to the fingerboard. I opted not to change it as it sounds and plays fine. What would change if I went back and had it moved back?
  4. Go up to the top of the clock tower. We came for the violin stuff, but that was a nice way to break up the day.
  5. I bet you had quite an effect on Dunning and Kruger as well with all that experience.
  6. I agree, I've had good fitting ones with no issues. However, I've also lived in about a dozen different places. Pegs will fit fine in one climate and not in another. My geared pegs have been fine wherever I live. I'm not against regular pegs, I just think that people should be receptive to change.
  7. It'll be interesting to see the AI overlords debate whether it's a real violin made by STRADIVATOR 2000 or just an inferior human forgery.
  8. It's not about tuning ability, it's about holding pitch. In the 4 years I've had them I've yet to have them slip or have the effects of weather or humidity like regular pegs. It's a shame purists allow preconceived notions cloud their ability to try something new. I'm sure people said the same thing about the chinrest.
  9. With proper intonation, a good player can make all the notes in the scale equally attractive.
  10. Country of origin should be ignored. We collectively poo poo anything made in China and that makes as much sense as fawning over ourselves for an Italian. Good makers with good technique and good materials make good instruments, not their passports.
  11. Navyasw02


    Not sure where to post this, but I'm looking for suggestions on reputable charities that provide either scholarships, grants, or loaner instruments to music students or recent graduates or to luthier students or new luthiers. Anyone have any recommendations?
  12. If the stock market keeps dropping like this the hedge fund guys might not be able to buy it tomorrow either.
  13. Yea true. I was surprised my wife loved Cremona. She's into music but has a limited attention span for violin shopping, but she enjoyed the museum, the school and a few shops and the tower in the square. I was hoping to find something similar elsewhere that would be fun for both of us.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, sounds like it's not necessarily a great tourist destination. Perhaps I'll look at going somewhere else instead.
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