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  1. I'd be interested in seeing a tournament of champions with all the hors concours winners.
  2. Out of curiosity are any of these more prestigious than others? I read an article that called the triennale the "Olympics of violin making", but maybe that was to relate it to an uninformed reader demographic.
  3. Much more than when I went. There were about 6 instruments total between the first two tables, bows by about 3 or 4 makers in the middle, and maybe 5-6 instruments on each of the far and side tables. The very back had some steam punk looking violins , I forget who made them.
  4. Didn't you have a viola there? I thought I played that and Ute zahn's viola in the room, but maybe I forget. Whatever instrument you had there I know I played it and liked it.
  5. Maybe I just went at the wrong time. Someone actually came in and packed his instrument when I was in there. Glad I had a chance to play yours in there though!
  6. What I was referring to was really the quantity not the quality. The left side of the room was empty. There were probably only about a dozen violins in there when I got there and I think some folks had started packing up since it was Friday afternoon.
  7. What a great event. I played tons of violins and violas in the competition room today and a few more in the new instrument room. The new instrument room was a little underwhelming, but the competition room was very worthwhile.
  8. Close. I was on a sub for a while. The asw just happens to be my initials.
  9. Thanks for posting your thoughts. I'm looking forward to going up tomorrow.
  10. Heading up Friday and looking forward to it. Please post any impressions and tips you may have
  11. I'm looking for some midi accompaniment files I can play via my digital piano for practicing. Does anyone know where I can get some? Ideally I'd love some piano accompaniment of the major concertos, but that might be a tall order. Thanks
  12. Dvorak's Songs my mother taught me would be on my list. More emotional with cello than violin, but very touching piece to me.
  13. People have gotten out of alcatraz with less.
  14. What gives it away? The camera at the top of one of the pages or the description of an art store? Maybe the hotmail email address?
  15. It's an auction for Schrodinger's violin, simultaneously amazing and a piece of garbage.
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