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  1. Concord Musical Supplies, apparently run by Rembert Wurlitzer's granddaughter and great-granddaughter (or so I've read). Good pricing on Larsen / Spirocore combo set as well (medium). I like to support my local shop too; sometimes it's nice for these show up at the door in 2 days, especially if it's something a little less common (e.g. stark vs mediums).
  2. Felefar, we're looking at IU for next year, is it more practice, chamber, or orchestra? Any other recos for chamber music programs for high school age kids?
  3. FWIW Wilke's son is making cellos now as well, and pricing when we were looking was a fraction of his dad's, but there wasn't one available to try. Not sure if that's still the case as he's also been getting recognition. Like Nathan says, go to Carriage House and play many in one go (not only his and Wilke's but Benning, Rabut, Whedbee, ...). Nathan we got to play a beautifully laid-back older cello of yours (poplar back?) at Reuning when we were up there :-).
  4. As the probability of this increases I would be increasingly concerned about getting whatever documentation is necessary for a proper insurance valuation.
  5. Larry Wilke, a cello specialist who learned from his uncle David Caron, is 30 minutes down the road in Clinton. Makes an exceptional Gofriller model based on a bench copy of Starker's Gofriller. We spoke with him a few times and played 2 or 3 of his cellos before ultimately choosing one from a similarly great maker a little closer to home. p.s. My daughter's stand partner was also accepted at Yale in the fall for cello, small world.
  6. I'm curious about this too, but I had the idea that it may be something Bill Weaver is doing - he mentions these as to-the-trade on his site. The Jay Haide cellos are great (my daughter has had more than one) but I've never heard one of their violas that I've loved.
  7. Is it common at Tarisio to have a winning bid that's half of the low estimate like this? As a seller I'd be disappointed.
  8. Brahms' transcription of the Chaconne might be appropriate at this point in the thread, (Count me in the pro-Brahms camp.)
  9. Brompton's is coincidentally listing a cello of his made 10 years earlier,