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  1. I thought that would be the case and reached out to two well-known pedagogues that my daughter and teacher greatly admire, asking about the possibility of a limited number of video classes for her, with no reply. I know many musicians are greatly suffering but apparently not universally. My daughter loves classical music and playing dearly. But my hunch is that things are so competitive now that for a career she'll get beaten at auditions by someone whose goal is strongly “faster better stronger more” and who manages not to burn out, even at the expense of the love of music. I think
  2. But it's more expensive than you think...need 4 mics not 2.
  3. I used this feature in MuseScore for the first time this weekend, in the end to transcribe a Copland piece for my kids from A flat to B flat, which seemed much friendlier to the cello in terms of resonance. Even though the OCR import feature is apparently beta or even proof of concept quality, I was pretty impressed at how well it worked, at least for my score. Strictly speaking it's not built-in yet, they farm out the work to a different open-source product running as a cloud service.
  4. WCPE which I grew up listening to and and still get OTA; it has adapted well to modern times,
  5. Cello specialist Larry Wilke makes both models; my daughter got to play them together when she was shopping. Not everyone is built like Lynn Harrell (who would make a Goffriller look small), and instrument ergonomics is an important part of selection. My daughter will top out at 5'2" or 5'3" and whereas a bigger cello may sound good it's not the best fit for every player.
  6. I haven't used it on the iPad before but was able to trim from the beginning and end just now. Looks like we have version 2.3.1 on IOS 14.2. Open iMovie. Select the big '+' icon to create a project. Select 'Movie' (not 'Trailer') in the popup. A list of all your videos is shown, newest to oldest. Select 'Select' for the one you want to edit, then at the bottom of the screen select 'Create Movie'. A single frame is shown on the top of your screen, and a series of frames, one frame per second, is shown on the bottom. On the frames display / editing area below, to
  7. I thought iMovie worked on iPads, my kids use that sometimes. Do you have a Mac as well? They say it works better there. I have Final Cut Pro installed on the Macs too but they still usually use iMovie because it's simpler.
  8. If you go as far east as Knoxville like Philip mentioned, Kelvin Scott is there. Really really fine maker, my little girl has one of his instruments. Edit: Rue is exactly right about the bow.
  9. One of my pet peeves related to this is organizations streaming pre-recorded concerts for their virtual music seasons rather than livestreaming the events, even pretending it's live by making the recording available at 8pm on a Saturday night. Get the musicians into a hall at concert time and broadcast the event live. (I have no issue at all with leaving the recording of the livestream up afterwards.)
  10. A good room is critical to getting a good sound - I just picked up some very nice pro mics to play around with as a hobby (AEA R88a, Rode TF-5) but will get a much superior result with a cheap mic in a really good space vs. the other way around, e.g. this recording done with a $90 Zoom H1n, with no processing. BTW is the Rode VideoMic Pro a mono mic (single capsule with same output to both channels)? bruch-test.mp3
  11. Not just hardwired networking but also a local server helps i.e. in the same location you are in. You'd have to open up the port the server runs on in your router / firewall config and allow incoming connections to the server (for security, normally your home wifi router doesn't allow incoming connections at all). When I looked at this several months ago there were no commercial supported solutions, just open source, that took some fiddling to configure and make work. Jamulus is another application I've seen, with instructions for hosting a private server in AWS.
  12. StanY

    The Bowmakers

    Decisions, decisions :-). The purchase link is on the same page BTW.
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    The Bowmakers

    I just received an email on this, the film is now available to stream through the 20th,
  14. I expect you may be right about that. We have a small knot and some streaking on a commission from one of the best known living makers in France. The wood might not win a beauty contest for most perfectly uniform appearance but the bow plays well and works well with the instrument.