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  1. The high school orchestra program that my kids are in is one of the best in the state. We're so appreciative that the kids can use a cello and viola there instead of schlepping them to school so I offered to get Jerry to rehair some of the bows there. But it turns out that all of the bows are the $40-50 disposable kind from Shar. Not sure what it's like where you are. The instruments on the other hand do need looking after.
  2. We got my kids' group's violinist a Zoom H1n for this during the lockdown - I tested with Mac OS but the instructions say it works with IOS as well (you would need to verify that). Good $100 solution for stereo mics with built-in USB audio interface that records as well, although it's pretty flimsy. Although like I say YMMV with IOS since I haven't tested that. Example recording:, the violin with the H1n. Edit - I remember seeing the separate part of the factory where the 1098s were built, cool piano.
  3. Is this the first time here in a while where the grandfather's fiddle in the attic might actually be what the label says it is? Way cool.
  4. $10K brand new would have been in 2000? Well-known luthiers want something like double that and more now, and the selling price of an instrument from 2000 would at least partly reflect the current commission price.
  5. Are you thinking of It was linked from
  6. If coming from a home with no infection, I'm not sure it's any more of an issue than what you'd normally deal with when kids return instruments. Why not hold for two or three weeks then require parents state whether anyone in the house over the period tested positive. Then apply more stringent measures as needed to the affected instruments.
  7. Absolutely, student must have trusted, expert advice spending this kind of money with only 8 or 10 years of playing experience.
  8. Me and my daughter's personal experience is that you can play 30 or 40 very nice cellos by all of the above folks (literally, plus many more great makers), and fall in love with just one or two. If you're choosing rather than the student, it's a more clinical decision which may not be a bad thing; choosing for yourself is a bit more like getting married. Doing this again I would have a longer timeframe in mind and would budget time and money for travel sooner than we did.
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    I thought the sommelier's primary job was to sell wine, while helping clients navigate what's available to find something they'll enjoy that's within budget. A good sommelier will figure out what I like and recommend things that are both showing particularly well and priced well in the current market. The identification stuff is just the geeky fun part of the job that most consumers don't care to deal with.
  10. Ironically it's how they felt about each other isn't it? :-)
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    Re: Curtis

    If anyone on these discussions hasn't read the entire, original article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, they should do so. Reading it made me sad that few news organizations have the resources to do serious investigative journalism these days.
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    When spending many tens of thousands of dollars for kids, I can say unequivocally that dad chooses , albeit with valued input from the teachers kids luthiers even MN.
  13. My son has a Kiernoziak, not the pattern he makes the most but what I was told was a Storioni copy, larger lower bout like Cison's violas, with a very full and colorful tone. We trialed a lot of violas and it was the first and only one we found below the OP's price range that checked all the boxes, a Marilyn Wallin was a very close second. Interesting what you say about brilliance off the stage, his teacher had considered a Philip Ihle viola like that at the same time, sort of the alter ego to the large Kiernoziak. Your description of the tonal difference is very appropriate. Edit: what a great name! Last edit: to be clear, if we'd had a budget over $20K like the OP there are several other things we would have wanted to hear. He (and Cison) make a lot of violas and they tend to be priced reasonably on the secondary market.