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  1. Hi. Looking for information on the manufacturer of violin on attached pictures
  2. Is it possible that it is Bausch or C. W. Knopf?
  3. Please help me to identify doublebass bow on pictures below. Thanks
  4. Please help me to identify doublebass on pictures below. Thanks
  5. Hi. Please help me to identify this cello. Unfortunately only those pictures available as for now. Thanks
  6. Hi. Need help in identification of the viola on attached pictures.
  7. Length of back is 35,8 counting with the ebony edging
  8. Thanks for the replies. Tomorrow I will post some extra pictures. Should I capture any specific places to make the identification easier?
  9. Hi. Please help me to identify a violin show on the pictures. On the back there is visible a date (1834 ?).
  10. Please help me with identification of this cello. Labeled Giovanni Longiaru / Venice New York / AD 1926 /No 127. I am assuming that it is not the original Longiaru. What is the origin then?