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  1. Mine doesn't make his own fittings, if I'm not mistaken, so he's happy to order some for me. I found a nice set for my new violin and he said they looked great. I would never put anything on myself, but I figured I could make his job a little easier for him. But, since I'm not as well-versed in viola fittings, I'll learn something from him when I see him next, and he can order them. When I brought my new-to-me violin for him to work on, it came from the seller with the tailpiece off, so I tried my luck at putting it on (knowing everything was going to be re-done anyway) and he said I did a half-decent job for my first time, so that was nice of him! I know I'm nowhere skilled enough to do all of that myself for real, don't you worry! I'm a naturally curious person, so learning this stuff is pretty fun for me. P.S. by "customization" I just meant having the hardware switched out from what was already on it, that's all!
  2. Hmm on Shar it says it's 125mm! I might pay my luthier a visit when I pick up the violin he's working on now. Should be done next week, woohoo! I can even have him order it for me from Southwest Strings or something so I don't get the wrong things.
  3. Oh, thank you! I didn't know a 15" is sometimes considered 3/4. I wish I could play a bigger one, but my arms and fingers are too small!
  4. Hi everyone, Dumb question from a violist who has played for awhile but has never done any customization: I want to switch out the Wittner tailpiece for a Hill style on my 15in viola. I found the one I'd like for the price I want on Shar (it's not my main instrument and I'm not going to be performing any solos; just teaching my kiddos but I want it to match my boxwood Teka chin rest, so it doesn't need to be anything crazy expensive). It says "full size", so will it be okay for my instrument? Thanks everyone! I'm learning new things every day!
  5. I'm not Suzuki certified, but have picked up some tips and tricks from colleagues who are. I teach a modified Suzuki curriculum that I created and that seems to work out splendidly, and I do not call myself a Suzuki teacher. Philip and I have had some great conversations about Suzuki and other methods, and I've learned a lot. I would love to take at least the beginning course to broaden my horizons, but, as previously mentioned, ya girl's a poor grad student and I've gotta pay for 8 grad credits in the fall. Please pray for me
  6. I agree that dispelling wisdom and experience to those less wise and less experienced is fine and encouraged, as I'm still learning too, but there is never any reason to say something nasty. Even if something was a stupid move or a dumb question, there's always a kind way to address it. There's no need to be so caustic in responses. I think you're right, a lot of people put their self-worth in their belongings, but I am not one of them. I know who I am and where my self-worth lies. I'm extremely protective of my Grandpa's violin because he and I were incredibly close, and I'm astounded that even with the knowledge that this instrument means so much to me, people will disregard it and be nasty because it's not a violin that they'd consider twice. So yes, I might get a little bit hurt when people pass judgement when they have never heard it. It's amazing to me how coarse some are in their responses. As for this new violin, I have a good feeling about it. I'm not such a newbie that I can't distinguish a poorly constructed violin from a decent one, and once I had it in my hands, I felt like it will work out just fine as a teaching and backup instrument, despite the repairs it needs. I got my viola on ebay too, and it's gorgeous. I've gotten many compliments on it from colleagues and friends, and some are of astonishment when I tell them where I got it. It's not worth a whole lot, but it's extremely resonant, responds great, and has a slightly brighter tone (not in a bad way, but I just bought some darker strings for it) for a viola. It blends with other instruments well, and I don't think I'll ever need to upgrade it. But, people on here will say it's trash just because it's an unlabelled Vogtland instrument from the late 19th century. I happen to like German instruments. Sorry for the rant, and no ill will towards those who have not been as kind on here as they could have been.
  7. Thank you, and I agree, it seems that some are more concerned about whether or not it's worth a lot, and if it isn't, that it must be trash, and no one will tell them otherwise. That makes me sad.
  8. Thank you, and I agree, it seems that some are more concerned about whether or not it's worth a lot, and if it isn't, that it must be trash, and no one will tell them otherwise. That makes me sad.
  9. It really does! It's beautiful <3 it does great in chamber and orchestral settings! I'd need brighter strings for solo work, but I don't see myself ever doing a solo with an orchestra, so dark strings are perfect for it.
  10. Yes, as a matter of fact, it is. I never said it was worth thousands and might not be something that you folks would give a second thought to, but it's very dear to me because it's all I have left of my grandfather.
  11. Yeah, in terms of resale value it's not worth much, but it was my grandfather's, so it has high sentimental value. 1880s German, and it's got this beautiful, dark, rich tone and is quite resonant. It's a little odd because it's really fat all around, is 14.25in in body length, and has a really thick neck. That causes it to be difficult sometimes to get up into higher positions with my small hands, but I'll never be at the level of playing that requires me to be in 8th position and higher, so I'm okay with it. But, it's been confirmed three times that it's not a viola but, I love it and I will never give it away. Here are some pics for ya!
  12. He even said my setup was quite good for learning on YouTube and having a bad bridge/nut! Yay!
  13. I've got a nice early 20th century Weichold pernambuco bow that I currently use for my good violin! If it sounds nice, I might just swap it out every day. I've got a heavier 1940s brazilwood bow, but it feels more like a viola bow. I use that one for my viola. It pulls a nice sound out of it
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