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  1. Yea, I've commented on that thread as well.
  2. I'm not an expert, just an amateur player and an even more amateur collector. As for it being Retford that's all I can remember from my recollection there is a number located inside the stick not sure if its hill related or if it's a catalogue number
  3. To my knowledge it's never been revarnished , there are signs of usage with just bare wood left, from both prior owner and my hands. My dad purchased it in 92-93 and its been in my possession since. I assume part of the problem of identifying it is the lack of varnish. I can provide closer detail of varnish that remains if needed.
  4. This is the best my amatuer phone camera skills can get I will provide more photos if requested. Thanks for the assistance!!!
  5. Thanks I'll take better photos and upload them
  6. Nope, I live in Socal very far away from there but thanks for the insight, it's a question that's been plaguing me. Not bad for a $75 buy!!!
  7. Lyle, I have a few questions if you dont mind humoring me I've been trying to get in contact with someone about a violin which I think bares Byron Beebe's signature dated Nov 1909. If you feel so inclined please email me pongpakdee.teela@gmail.com thanks!!!!!
  8. Again, I come with weird question I have a violin, which I've loved and played almost 25 years... it has Mark's and a label which I find curious but most likely not original. However inside they're appears to be a signature dated Nov 1909 it to me appears to to say Byron E Beebe. I reached out to the Beebe Facebook page with no response from them. Perhaps you guys could be of assistance. It doesn't appear to be anything like I've seen of his on the internet before and not sure if anyone has records of what may have came through his shop in Nov of 1909. She plays like a dream and regardless of value I'm just curious of the story, where she came from and what she is/was. She came in a case with a William R. Retford Hill and son's bow which was easier to authenticate, bow was repaired and rehaired by Claire Givens Violins in Minneapolis. However violin could not go at the same time and I have since yet sent it to any authentication authority. P.S. I've included the pics of the bow for fun.
  9. Thanks guys looks like this one is gonna become decor!!!!
  10. Another question, I have a small 3/4 size violin that suffered a cracked top by Navy movers along with a sticker they placed on which I dont want to remove due to fear of taking varnish off with it. IYHO should I restore it or is it worth restoring. * note it does have a catalogue number inside*
  11. I appreciate all the input I've attached a few photos
  12. Thanks unfortunately I dont have the top of the violin it's just been sitting in my house as a display piece for a while
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