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  1. Hello all i am about to begin to embark on the long road of varnish making. i am going to try the Fulton varnish to begin with. one question I have for you maestronetters, is what type of pan have you found to be the best for cooking varnishes? Obviously an iron pan could colour the varnish... Fulton reccomends an enamel pan, but the enamel could melt at high temperatures....so any tips or advice? thanks
  2. quick bump incase anybody can help.
  3. To be clear; it is only the spiralbound 'Formulation manual‘ I am looking for. I have the book. In lieu of buying an original, I would be extremely grateful if anybody would be kind enough to scan or photocopy it for me.
  4. Thank you, but that is all in the main book
  5. Dear all, I managed to find a copy of William Fultons' book 'Turpentine violin varnish'. However, this used copy did not include the companion, spiral bound 'Formulation manual' that came with it. If anyone has this additional manual, I would imagine you would want to keep it with the book. But would anybody be kind enough to scan it for me, so I can print it, so I have it with my book? I would also happily pay for a photocopy.... Any help would be wonderful Thanks
  6. Sadly I was not quick enough to buy Michael Molnars copy. I am still looking for one, incase anybody has one for sale.
  7. I would be incredibly grateful if you happen to have one for sale.
  8. Dear all, i am planning on taking my first steps along the path of making my own varnish. i wonder if anybody could recommend any good books on the topic that include potential recipes. I would love the Fulton book, but am unable to find a new, or indeed used copy!
  9. Hello all, I am trying to find a copy of William Fulton's 'Turpentine Violin Varnish' book. Would anybody happen to know where I may find a copy (used or new), or even have a contact for Mr Fulton himself, incase he has any spare copies for sale? I have already seen his articles on varnish online, but I would really like to read the book in full. While we're on this subject, does anybody have any good recommendations of books, about how to make one's own varnish? Thank you.
  10. Another thing to mention is, I seem to be getting some very slight, tiny 'pinholes' in the surface of the varnish on my Sycamore. I am only 2 coats into the main varnish... I wonder if there is a way of avoiding this? Maybe rubbing down better between coats..?
  11. the 'Clear' Varnish.. http://violinvarnish.com/product/clear-varnishes/
  12. Hey folks, I am currently using Joe Robson's varnish for the first time. I am very pleased with the results so far. The ground system has gone on well, and today I applied the first coat of Oil varnish (the 'clear' type) with fingers..It went on nice and evenly. Currently drying under UV lights.. Do any users of this thin it for later coats, so it is brushable? Or would one have to still apply with fingers, even if it is thinned with turps? Also, do any of you sand between coats/rub it down with anything...I am reluctant to do so, as I want the colour to be even...but would appreciate any tips... Thank you
  13. bump, as this post took a while to be approved.
  14. Hello all, thanks for your responses. Very helpful. I wonder, if I apply for the license, if this would be a good Everclear alternative? https://www.bonnymans.co.uk/products/product.php?categoryID=1422&productID=6289 Has anybody tried Spirytus with Joe Robsons varnish, and did it work well? Thank you again
  15. Hey all, I am a long time lurker, and first time poster. I recently started using oil varnish systems for the instruments I build. However, I have not been able to get hold of Everclear here in the UK to mix my varnishes with. Could anybody reccomend a good alternative, that is actually available over here? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks