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  1. I have an older violin with a brass pitch pipe end button. I didn't think much of it til I tried to buy one for my son in law, can't find them on the internet. Are they that unusual?
  2. concerning the weight, I got a digital scale and it weighed at 70 grams as is - not 54. Thanks
  3. the violin bow is 29.5 inches and weighs 49-50 g w/ no hair on it.
  4. I've added 2 photos that compare it to an old violin bow I had and it is much beefier There is no tortoise shell on it .
  5. The frog is 2" long x 1" tall. I'm weighing it on a kitchen spring scale it could be off a little. weighed it again at 54 g.
  6. I don't know anything about bows, I bought it and the violin as a wall hanger and saw the name. It's 28 inches long and weighs about 55 grams. Thanks Steve
  7. It looks like rain, and here comes my parade. Thanks for the insight. Steve
  8. Found this bow today with an old Jackson Guldan violin. When I searched it, your site came up with a discussion of a similar bow. Does this bow have any glaring issues that would dismiss it as a fake, or can I go on believing that it might be authentic. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Steve
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