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  1. More thoughtful and useful comments ... thank you. And yes Martin, where indeed do they really like nice Juzeks !? Violadamore, a pleasingly eloquent read ... where can I find more that you have written ? Uguntde, do you have a link to the Facebook group where violins are marketed ?
  2. Thanks to everyone for all your useful thoughts. I wonder if there are any more informed opinions regarding the best manner in which to achieve the greatest sale value ?
  3. A sincere thanks to all who provided two or more cents to this topic. Is there any additional info regarding where to market the violin to achieve best value ... maybe west coast or orient .. where Metropolitan Music is not ? Been to Elderly in Lansing, MI many times ... many fiddle-type instruments ... but good thought. Per PhilipKT, I've never see one with an ivory shield ? I have also attached a couple more pics. No bow, but I could throw one in if that would help :-)
  4. I've had my father's Juzek 1938 Master Art violin (Strad model, No 364, Prague) for around 30 years, and now would like to sell it. I would appreciate any guidance and opinion regarding where and how to realize the best value for it. I've considered auctions, but wonder which one ... for example in Europe, US (east or west), exclusive instrument auction, general antique auction, etc ? Then there are numerous violin shops (higher commissions?) ... and again, what area might be best for a fine Juzek ? I am located in SE Michigan. I'm not an expert, but I feel this is one of the most beautiful violins I have seen; it is in excellent condition (no issues), has a neck graft, but the diamond tailpiece was "misplaced" by a repair shop years ago. The sound is robust and bright. Some pics are attached. A big thank you for your thoughts !
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