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  1. I'm currently leaning towards Jargar classic strings. Does anybody have any experience with Jargar strings?
  2. Like the title says I'm just curious what it would cost to have a new Cello made?:) I defininetly don't afford it right now but I was thinking of looking into getting a fully vegan Cello made adventually. Also do you think it is cheaper to have a new one made or removing all animal components from my current one (given that I could find a luthier willing to do that..)
  3. Hii :) I need to get new Cello strings, particularly the A string (the core is showing on that one...) and I'm not sure what to choose. I have played the Cello for about 4 years and I currently have pirastro piranito strings. I like them quite well but I'm thinking of maybe upgrading. I still want steel strings, I like the sound :) I have had my strings for about 2 years (I think) but I haven't really used my C and G strings a lot so they are still fine and it feels like a shame to just throw them out. So I'm thinking of maybe only getting a new A string or both getting new A and D strings. And to possibly get a different A string from the rest of the strings. Does anybody have any suggestion of what would be a good combo? Or if I change all of them what a good upgrade set would be? :)
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