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  1. I would like to recommend our latest album. It was recorded during the Covid times, in which we as musicians had to perform alone at the stand, with a distance of 2,5 meters between us. It was a tense time that coupled well with this Programme. Enjoy!
  2. To even get to a mindset, one needs to follow certain steps: 1. Have a space dedicated for practice only. 2. Turn all electronics off (except the iPad if used) 3. Have a well defined technical routine — Open strings, Scales, Arpeggios/Doublestops 4. After solving technical aspects of the piece (fingerings, bowings, dynamics, phrasing), play it many times through, just like on the stage. (optional) Use a timer, e.g. 50 minutes at a time, plus a 10 minute break
  3. I have been trying around 12 Cellos in the past years from Vuillaume and have been very surprised with the difference in quality of sound between them. It seems like his Cellos either have a neutral, unidirectional and nasal sound, or quite impressively powerful and full of color. In my cello group in the orchestra we also have two and they are both quite different in quality, but the making is gorgeous in both. Why is this the case? I could never understand. I also noticed that they almost always benefit from a French bridge, whereas the Belgian bridge makes the usual Vuillaume lose precious core and dynamic flexibility in playing. I have a friend who prefers playing his modern Ersen Aycan instead of the Vuillaume, saying that he is tired of always not managing to modulate the sound.
  4. Your nightmare might be true, unless they put on a different fingerboard.
  5. https://ingleshayday.com/features/ingles-hayday-to-sell-the-private-collection-of-norman-rosenberg/
  6. Alan Stevenson makes incredible Cello cases and you can customize it with wheels, so that you can avoid carrying the case altogether. https://www.stevensoncases.co.uk/cello.htm
  7. Try the new Dominant Pro strings. They are great and very affordable! https://www.thomastik-infeld.com/en/products/orchestral-strings/cello/dominant-pro
  8. Do these fittings come close to the quality of Bois d‘Harmonie? https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_ssn=lankuishuang&store_name=charmingsongviolinstore&_dmd=2&_oac=1&_trksid=p2047675.m3561.l2562
  9. Who cares about that though? They are bringing classical music to a much wider audience than you and me. The same thing happened when people started complaining about Andre Rieu and his shenanigans. As long as more people get education and access to the world of classical music, I’m fine with it.
  10. You placed a bid on this Cello, so you must have some faith.
  11. Thank you, it’s an interesting study.
  12. They already have a monetary higher value regardless of my opinion. I’m trying to find out if that objective value translates into better acoustics.
  13. Is anyone familiar with these tailpieces? Also, is there a good (acoustical) reason for their higher prices opposed to other materials?
  14. I had the privilege to perform Beethoven’s 9th Symphony under his baton in February 2019, together with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra in Munich. There were two performances and we all knew that this would be the last time to see him conduct, as he already announced his retirement. Rest In Peace!
  15. Thank you, Philip. I play on an anonymous French Cello built around 1820. My bow is from a modern maker in Germany—Josef Gabriel. Regarding the Humoresque, you probably thought about Elfentanz or At the fountain, right?
  16. This year marks the 160th anniversary of the almost forgotten russian composer Anton Arensky. As a small tribute, I decided to record his Quatre Morceaux Op. 56. These pieces have been so far neglected and I hope that we will have them included in Cello recitals and recordings in the future. https://youtu.be/tV-U2h8Nb9I
  17. http://www.stevensoncases.co.uk/cello.htm You can find here the best, but also the most expensive cello cases and flight cases on the market.
  18. It’s a very good humidifier, I have been using it for years. If the bag doesn’t absorb water after the 3rd or 4th time, add boiling water and wait for 45 min. I keep the hygrometer in the Cello case and it has been very reliable.
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    Violin ID

    Does this violin look like an original by Alfredo Gianotti?
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