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  1. Let’s focus on the fact that we are on the same side here: we all dislike the price Larsen put on their product.
  2. What is really sad about the whole ad situation is that, more than ever, musicians nowadays have to rely on tricks and gimmicks, needing present a certain image in order to become “marketable”. The good old days where musical quality was on the first place are fading away. When is the last time you saw a conventional looking person making a big career in pop music? This trend is slowly creeping into the classical scene.
  3. 600€ ? If you really want another breathtaking reaction, check out this 2000€ endpin: https://www.instrumagic.com
  4. That’s absolutely right. Anything that can make my instrument sound better, even by a few percentages, is worth it!
  5. Unfortunately, this comparison doesn’t help, since other instruments might react in a completely different way with the same endpins.
  6. You have to try endpins on your own, until you find what suits your instrument. I would suggest you go to your local luthier and try out everything. I would not advise you to buy something that suits my instrument, but might not work on yours.
  7. https://www.aitchisoncellos.com/10mm-cello-endpins/
  8. I have experimented with most endpins that are on the market, on three different instruments, and the conclusion is not very clear. What is clear, though, is that endpins can influence the sound and playability of a Cello. Some Cellos respond better with endpins that are heavier (e.g. Mitsuke Triple Brillante) and others with lighter ones. In general, 10mm thickness is the way to go, so that there is no wobbling while playing. The best endpin that I discovered for my instruments is made of Titanium and is hollow. It has the best combination of projection and core. There is only a small problem though… it’s custom made and not available on the market.
  9. I beg to differ. With my Orchestra, as soon as we exited the Corona restrictions, tickets sold out quickly. It shows that the digital world cannot replace the live experience of a concert. In Germany, there is currently a big push against digitizing selling tickets.
  10. Daniel Bayle knew he would have no time in his hands when he retired as principal second at the Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse. Daniel had long cultivated a passion for making stringed instruments and now decided to play all his creations in his one-man ensemble.
  11. I never thought I would witness a luthier bidding on a violin he built nearly 50 years ago. Incredible! I hope you will win.
  12. Yes, setup plays an important role and I would agree that beginners do not need high level instruments or bows to start learning, but at a professional level, CF bows are inferior across the range to pernambuco bows in terms of sound quality, balance at the tip, string response and so on. I have tried all kinds of CF bows, including two (from Arcus if I’m not mistaken) that were priced around €8000, which is mind boggling.
  13. I don’t think you understand the meaning of the word traditional: existing in or as part of a tradition; long-established. Modern music has not been long established by any means.
  14. I use CF only for modern music, just like many chamber/orchestra musicians. Would never use one for traditional repertoire, as they lack focus, articulation and quality.
  15. I hope this comment was intended as a joke. There is no dimension in which a bow is more important than an instrument.
  16. Unfortunately, the market is of a different opinion, especially dealers and collectors. I also only care about quality since I’m working with sound for a living, but it will take a few more generations for things to change.
  17. https://www.ebay.de/itm/204272393157?hash=item2f8f955bc5:g:74YAAOSw1bFkDkC3 I remember seeing this violin on this page. He has another Viola for sale. Did you buy it?
  18. Is it a 20th century genovese violin?
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