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  1. Jerry, after carefully reading your comments on this thread, I reached a clear conclusion: A sharp tongue is no indication of a keen mind. You are proof that God has a sense of humor.
  2. If you quote someone, don’t just select a portion that makes a completely different point in your advantage. The quote goes on: “Our sound post is only moved while absolutely tension free, held by the exterior magnets.” Jerry, you have absolutely no idea about this product, so until you test one, like some of us did, keep your opinions to yourself.
  3. Nobody did any study, but everyone is an ‘expert’ with strong opinions.
  4. Are you even serious right now? I really hope not. As obviously as it looks in the video, the bottom part is removed to reveal how the installation of the post works. The process happens through the f-hole. After reading through this thread, I am really surprised at how bitter some of the luthiers are about this product.
  5. Ok guys, this thread is becoming ridiculous. From a Principal Cellist in Germany: Mr. Hamberger has installed my soundpost at the recommendation of a colleague who plays on a Gagliano violin (who of course has it installed as well). This was in December 2017. Since then, the instrument (French ca. 1820) has been more stable than ever, maintaining the sound quality throughout the seasons. To be more clear: the instrument is easier to play, the response of the lower strings is much quicker and crispier, the higher register sings better and more naturally, the resonance has improved by at least 20%. As a musician, I rely on my ears and can honestly tell you, I will NEVER go back to a wooden soundpost.
  6. A modern Cello that sounds great and is in pristine condition for $10k? Buy it already.
  7. I know, but they were never posted at this price! The more expensive, the funnier.
  8. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Stradivari-Violine-Orginal/273802996654?hash=item3fbfee2bae:g:r2IAAOSwAnxckpxG
  9. Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for.
  10. I heard about a website that keeps track of the actual value of most violin makers, dead or alive. Could you point me to it? Thanks!
  11. Very important! I wouldn’t want to spend that kind of money on firewood.
  12. Does this Cello look authentic to you? https://www.ebay.de/itm/altes-Cello-4-4-Mittenwald-1923-gut-erhalten-keine-schaden-mit-bogen-L-76-cm/223546454566?hash=item340c683226&enc=AQADAAAC8FjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduV2nuDZQKgavEpbU7vgwhiH8WF8hQnRWcxphIxxaPMsF6YGAWZA1zIToKGRwuFu4iY%2B5PCS9wH8hJss%2F2mn4W8lnv2ZkIKKb%2Bk00iZqIWutWJmLvYJxqBR2DBlr2bwhY26hEUh3vEGPw7e7DsubH8b3p0AA1xkHHrS079vBV%2BWA7zNlCHp8aXMrWZHr2vihzUey4NATuNOs%2FMVR24B%2Bf0FC8j9KJ0WTie5gYhVHupQ8mUmfpqTA2DAAc14rsp%2FUnESqYPJa273F%2BmKQCx44%2FFA7rd0mm4gEYarxD3jw4K4IW%2FhR9mNa0izf4526S550jxwOKlagL%2BfxPKwTo8jAdDzIvnQ34flSmgQ24GDAYo%2B71I72dzBWBGWyWyCBDFtIGcyzzILN6Yj7L98C6Vl6CcQ4Hr3v5Jg%2B8%2B9vpvAItUeHOqNXLUTAQrfZfHhH4Gomt0ZEQBsh557mflItEWjtvi0aTstri4fgPJew4Zo%2FHK4POAJGLiF0zjs4RZ6O1whQKWvb%2Bz42Atq2OdT8OiKPwS%2FeB8QGVX5autH2KyVfXlilIczTcR15QOZuuP2vZ8wMYmc1MLQiptQ6ZnywA8Eq%2BSA3DqxOxiu1GjVBgg1b4MgunRD6NNTeNFw6TMLKxaJmsSH59UImtkFEQlJmLpzEjQyLjTqegjAME0VTgtia7n0s4xhuIIhSe3rT237%2F6YYoYYmQDO3OBvVVEQ7lf5pUUbIX1yGuuVHdiyuVW0FydukQAwzy0KneersMuvvnT7zX2R4ZRK0ZkqYGLeX4%2FaCBI9fMIpCCSvh0BvwDfMzTPdwZCM2QcrGGA87GRu6KrOtI2aytzzVU1Fjo5CLhG9splR2INYBn%2BGf2Zmu3FXI9xOh8Jr7Hs5%2F49hjpQkwlbVLzEJvLFUlHR9hwvrOMULNtp4SP8whz7qpp0AC7oxWbXfDk7dasoM84B1IP6lVhhkT7San&checksum=223546454566d836f2364c694196ac75eff1d2ad0f4f&autorefresh=true
  13. From my experience as a player, the Kevlar tailcord does improve the response of an instrument. Many of my cellist colleagues have changed the metal tailcord on their Akustikus Tailpiece with Kevlar and are satisfied with the result. I personally prefer using the Bois d’Harmonie Tailpiece on both of my Cellos, since it weighs significantly less and looks undoubtedly more elegant.
  14. I was there three days ago. Still can’t believe it.