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  1. Here the measurement. I don't have device to measure humidity so not sure whats the reading. By the way this is just a cheap no more than USD250 violin so may be i should be happy & satisfy with the result ??
  2. Alright it's been quite a long time .. here i finally have time & energy & the desire altogether to come out a video for whoever are interest Its Pirastro Tonica New Formula i install since my last post .. I like it to have rounder and more ringing quality but still no luck at the moment, current sound a little dry & sharp for my taste. Post setup sound check Youtube video
  3. To me how good the grip or bite it provide to the string is much more important for a good quality hair I mean I grade hair according to how good is the bite & how long it can last instead of how easily it can be comb.
  4. Yeah the off center bridge did slide back a little bit after hours of playing and i just make it back to where i want it to be And you right about that 2 photos, i use same photo to show 2 different scenario, sorry for the confusion. To be honest i not sure if my violin sound's improved after my abusement but i did enjoy to play with it now than ever before. I'll show you .. stay tune Peace
  5. Locate the strings slightly off center on the bridge or let the strings lie slightly off center on the fingerboard is my usual approach but i just done setup one more time with a new bridge by putting it slightly off center to keep the strings in line with fingerboard & also relocate sound post as well corresponding to bridge's new position, i hope i do it just right. So here we go. Strings center on the board & on the bridge BUT bridge off center between f holes. and may be its by luck or just my illusion but looks like my violin sound better this way Yeah i know what you mean but since this is like a hobby to me so learning with a master luthier can consider overkill for the purpose even if he/she willing to teach for free. I just like to know more about violin crafting whenever i have the time, dont think i actually want to become luthier anyway. If i can choose i rather & more interest to be a pro violin player So learning from you guys right here is more than enough for me at the moment. By the way i must thanks you guys for yours time to share all the tips, tricks & information to me. Really appreciate that very very much. =========================================================================================== After this last attempt from 2 days ago i think i should stop to keep abuse my violin for the time being since i doubt i can further improve the sound quality of my violin with my current skill level. Its been about 1 1/2 months i playing the bridge & post setup with it, don't think i get the best out of it yet but i already give my best I try doing micro adjustment right now by knocking the bridge around finding the best sound & balance that i can get, another headache trial & error painful process
  6. I did remember this post but to be honest i not sure how to execute this "bridge and strings have to be in line with the fingerboard" thing for my violin. Currently i setup my string in line with fingerboard but bridge is like 1.5mm+- closer to the EAST, if that's the compromises you are talking about. Otherwise my strings won't be in line to the fingerboard if i locate the bridge right in the mid of the belly.
  7. Sorry my English just primary level but let me try to describe it this way. I believe at least in theory a violin neck/fingerboard should be straight up & down vs center of the body, i mean this: But my violin's head actually lean a little to the left and the end of the board tilt to the right, like this: In this case all 4 strings will be more sideward to the left if i center the bridge across the belly. So now which one is more important ?? Keep all 4 strings as center as possible across the fingerboard while considering bridge & post position or the other way round ??
  8. For a violin where it's neck offset tilt to the left (~1.5 - 2mm) which way is the best approach & why ?? Thanks
  9. Ha i did have this save as shortcut URL in my computer quite sometime already .. this is one of the article that i use as guide line for bridge carving. Good now you recommend this so for sure what he do is legit Ok to be honest i didnt know this guy. Just have a look on his facebook but looks like he didnt leave any contact info, lets see if he going to reply my message. Thanks for your tips Well review violin shop ?? Which 3 ?? Many of them just provide teaching course / sales & services but no luthier or simply any technician there is luthier, if you like to put it this way Yeah may be i will try say 52mm next time i change string to see how it go. Thanks for your time Sound easy but i know it's not. Thanks for your time =============================================================================================================== By the way this is already 6th bridge in just 2 weeks, i think i need some rest. My first Aubert (minecourt)
  10. Is there any rules in making groove ?? I mean how wide is enough ?? About string's diameter ?? Thanks
  11. I do agree with that so guess what, i am again re-do another bridge. This going to drive me crazy
  12. It's 54mm, is after length that important ?? Yeah just sand it with 600 paper so hopefully it will solve the problem. By the way is a finished bridge weight 1.9gm too light ?? Whats the ideal weight for violin finished bridge ?? Also my bridge height only 30mm since i have lower neck so is that thing come into play when considering ideal weight ?? Thanks
  13. Allow me to clarify something here before move on with the post fine tune adjustment. Post move EAST = stronger A & E / move WEST = stronger G & D Post move SOUTH = Mellow / Softer tone & volume Post move NORTH = Hard / Louder tone & volume Am i missing anything ?? Also which one improve response ?? Thanks first
  14. Yeah in fact i did that yesterday by moving the bridge to south and north from 0.5mm to 2mm but i not sure if i hear obvious different. I wonder is the effect come instant or should wait at least an hour ?? By the way my violin get a little more depth & ring effect after knock the post just slightly to the west. Interesting stuff. Thanks