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  1. I listened to this last week! It was a lot of fun and I subscribed. Looking forward to the next episode!
  2. Oh I see that! Thank you for pointing it out specifically!
  3. Oh man! Thanks for all of the thoughts shared! I am learrrning! @chrissweden and @Blank face, Can you let me know what leads you to your conclusions? Trying to learn how to consider bows myself! @violinsRus oh I have completely missed that. Can you point out what you’re seeing? many many thanks! (and if any of you have recommendations for how I can better self-learn more about bows, please share!)
  4. If you wouldn’t mind sparing your expertise, I ran across this eBay listing and was curious if you all would be willing to share your expertise in bow identification. I have left off what the listing is claiming it is 1:) because how real can that be? and 2) because I am really curious to learn what to look for in bows for identification purposes. I would be grateful to learn from your expertise if you’re willing to share! Without further ado, here are the photos:
  5. It reminds of something my teacher told me a long time ago that stuck with me - think of spreading peanut butter on some bread. Yes, there’s some downward pressure but a lot more side-to-side action.
  6. Have any of you run into a the Francesco Xaveria Strings shop on ebay? (Fxstrings, https://www.ebay.com/usr/fxstrings. If you look at items for sale, be sure to check the area for other international sales because a lot of items are posted there too) I've got some better than average performing chops but limited insight into the collector/dollar value of things. I'm mainly drawn to trying to maximize my dollar for playing value, which is why I'm so intrigued by what this shop seems to offer in it's speculative bows on offer. What do you think of the various bows the shop has on offer and how they're described?
  7. Thanks for sharing this website - the violins are gorgeous and I’m so curious about her eye for visual appraisal since she’s made some fine online purchases (and references that if the proportions are right and the materials/craftsmanship are good, a violin is bound to sound good). And the T2 auction lot 58 synchronicity has me very very curious! I was interested enough to request a condition statement. Pertinently, it states that in addition to “minor edge cracks” on the top plate, it also has “saddle and wing cracks.” I can’t actually see a wing crack - they look like varnish craqueler (also mentioned in the condition report). I presume that thing in the lower middle is the saddle crack (is it a crack or a separated seam?). Are these issues dealbreakers in your opinion? I am well aware that some restoration is needed to get this violin playable, but I could use some more experienced perspective on this if you please.
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