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  1. You should jump on Davids offer right away. Opportunities like that don't come up every day, and he's well known for his hospitality.
  2. I like that rich, reddish brown color on those violins. Very nice!
  3. Thanks all. Those little string protector tubes will be removed, forthwith, and never make their appearance again in my shop. Of course I am referring to the ones on the Gold Label "e" strings. Since most of my career I made cellos and then violas, I never had them to deal with, but recently, making violins, I started wondering. It does make sense that the string coming from a little tube would get a bit of dampening effect as opposed to coming straight off of the skin. You can always learn some new things at MN, no matter how long you've been at this.
  4. I was just fitting up a fiddle up and here is a question I was pondering: When you are setting up a violin with a string that comes with a bridge protector (little piece of hard tubing to prevent the e from digging into the bridge) and you are putting a skin on the bridge, do you then keep the bridge protector on the string and place it over the skin, do you slide the bridge protector out of the way, such as down on the the string to the winding as unnecessary but maybe a backup if someone wants to use it, or do you otherwise take if off in case it comes loose and rattles around. I've always put the bridge protector back in its place and then installed the string over the skin with the bridge protector on, sort of as a double protection against the e digging in, but wonder if that's a good idea or practice, and how others do it.
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