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  1. Thank you . I have been trying to upload pics- hope to be successful at this venture and get them uploaded soon- def not an easy task!
  2. PhillipKT~ I will post some pics of my violin this weekend!
  3. Thanks for this info GeorgeH... I hadn't heard of this before. I do know however that this violin is an original by J.B. Squier according to the 2 appraisers I have dealt with.
  4. I have a 1902 J Bonaparte Squier "Antonio Stradivari" # 450 The back is from 2 pieces of quarter cut maple of broad flames ascending from the center seam. The sides and scroll are from maple similar to the back. The top is from 2 pieces of spruce of narrow to medium grain. The dark red-brown varnish is shaded on a golden orange ground. The measurements are as follows:Length of back: 356 mm Upper bouts: 167 mm Middle bouts: 111mm Lower bouts: 204 mm The inside label is intact, dates, numbered and signed. I have an appraisal from Johnson String Instruments in Newton Upper Falls, MA. I am interested in selling. Can you tell me the best way to sell this beautiful instrument? Thanks for your help.
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