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  1. Hello Michael I have reading an older posting regarding violin making books, you mentioned that the Johnson and Courtnall book ( which I have) needed more information regarding arching. Do you know of any publications which cover the subject of arching. Thank you in advance G

    1. Michael_Molnar


      What I would do is search through Maestronet threads. I can’t think of a good book. I also look at the archings on the posters by The Strad.

    2. GerardM


      Meany thanks I will take your advice.Regards G

  2. Rachel search on YouTube for Men in Sheds there’s a chap making fiddles in his tiny garden shed.
  3. Thank you all for the feedback.
  4. Do we know what an original Stradivarius sounded like? The messiah violin is that still in the same condition as when Stradivarius finished it? We’re the instruments original graduations altered when the necks were reset. Just curious when I hear people talk about the sound of Stradivarius and if he came back would he recognises the sound of his violins. Thanks G
  5. Would you suggest i purchase an inexpensive violin to use as a guide.
  6. Would I be correct in thinking that even if the poster is not super accurate when compared to the actual violin, if I follow the dimensions on my poster it will be acceptable seeing as I’m attempting to make a neat and tidy example of a violin, and not an exact replica.
  7. Do you mean the newer Strad posters are CT and more accurate. Someone gave me this one it’s about 2 years old.
  8. Thanks Casey I have just received a Strad poster of the Guarneri Plowden which I will attempt to copy.
  9. Thank you I have been watching David’s videos repeatedly, also downloading multiple pictures of violins which I have been studying intently. As well as sketching the corners and bee stings to get my eye in. As well as drawing scrolls. Thanks again for your contribution.
  10. Thank you Duke I don’t feel to bad about things after those kind words. I was feeling I’d made a laughing stock of myself. But as I’ve already said I’ll be back with a violin that shows my true capabilities.
  11. Excellent and very wise response thank you Mark. In fact all the advice given was first class. I now realise this having had time to reflect. I was stupid to post pictures of work I knew was second rate. Which was a very poor example of the standard of work I can accomplish. Also my responses to all this criticism was also second rate to which I wholeheartedly apologise, I have also let myself down because of this. Having said all that it was a good thing this has happened. Because it’s now stung me into action determined to prove to every one here that I am indeed capable of producing quality
  12. Ahh never thought about that, VERY good idea thanks. Would I be correct in thinking that in fact technically both sides of the arching will not be as original. As one side is forced down so distorting the other side up?
  13. Hello again I have received a poster from the Strad Magazine of the Guarneri Plowden. Which will be my next project. Looking at the arching it shows the distorted arching as it is now. What do I do? Make templates of this distorted arching. Perhaps take the side that looks the least out of shape and use that for both sides? Or another option draw my own half templates while using the ones on the poster for guidance as I map out the templates. I was thinking of using small squared graph paper to assist with accuracy. Thanks G
  14. I like the line, “kicked around a lot of dust until things came together” very good. A good idea deducting points I like that also. Thank you for taking the time to leave these comments it’s appreciated.