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  1. It’s a fascinating subject this violin acoustics, never gave it a thought till reading the article. I have quarter sawn pine in stock. Will make a violin belly with some of it, then do the tea leaf test and carve away to watch the effects. I have also downloaded an app that tells the pitch of a tapped sound. So will be playing around with that also. Is the idea to have the same pitch in all areas of the belly? I realise that the pine I have ( it’s not spruce , it’s yellow pine cannot recall the Latin name ) may not be ideal acoustically but I will certainly learn a lot from testing. Have been tapping pieces of it and seems to make a reasonable noise, having said that not shure what I should be hearing. It’s good to learn new skills , so will more than likely go on to construct a violin. Meany thanks again Gerard
  2. Thanks for all the information. I am not a violin maker, I’m a apprentice trained cabinet maker. Making reproduction furniture. Veneering, marquetry, inlay etc. Bin doing it for nearly 50 years. Happened to read an article about violin acoustics while waiting in the dentists, got me thinking about trying it out in the work shop. Might even consider making a violin. Any books you would recommend, have seen some but they appear to be aimed at the diy person with not much woodworking skills. Anyway thanks for all the information Gerard
  3. Thank you all very much. It never occurred to me to use a guitar amp. Once again a big thank you. Gerard
  4. Hello have downloaded a tone generator app onto my iPad. So I now need to connect an amplifier to it plus a speaker. Has anyone already done this ,and if so would you be kind enough to suggest what amp and speaker. I am assuming I can go this route, or will I need a laptop and different software. The iPad app produces the frequency’s needed for the various modes required but not loud enough. Thanks in advance for any advice. Gerard