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  1. Where do I get one of these? The hardware store? I don’t see them offered at luthiers.
  2. Has anyone tried both, and what difference did you notice? Thanks! edit: In the description, it says the cello tailpiece has eliminated the saddle which can be a source for buzzing (description is from Johnson Strings). What does that mean?
  3. Hmmmm. Very good information. How early is an early Eastman? If I get the Eastman and it develop problems in 20 years, I’d be 85! The German cello I have at present is perhaps 70 to 90 years old so it stood that test of time. Thanks!
  4. Thanks all for the feedback. The wood and workmanship on the Eastman is the best I’ve seen - waayyyyy better than the German one. He did say some adjustments will improve he sound. I haven’t seen these cellos appreciate appreciate over the years. The German cello has some subjectivity as well as well as the price. It’s been said they’re the workshop cellos for the day. I’m selling a bike $$ that I never ride if I decide to do this. As far as resale of the German cello, It does have its badges of courage e.g the bridge has been knocked around to the extent that it left marks on the top and the bottom sides look like they’ve bumped and may crack at some time. The area above on the lower part of each f hole had cracks in it and my luthier glued it and added cleats. Whatever I do, the cello will be an end game instrument for me. The Eastman, I don’t have to worry about anything at all. If the buyer comes thru then I’ll really have to think harder.
  5. I’m wondering if any out there is familiar with the Frederich Wyss Cello - Eastman VC703. I tried one and it was made in 2019; it feels good, plays well, and is very well crafted with top grade wood and oil varnish. It is a workshop cello made in China at $8K. Plus there a lot of them out there. Currently I have a German unlabeled cello from my luthier. It is vintage somewhere between mid century and 30’s. It also plays very smoothly and just as easily. The tone is slightly better but the Eastman has not been played in. The wood is not as elegant and the top is 3 pieces. It cost me $5000 and have an opportunity to trade it full value for the Eastman. What do you think?
  6. Today, I was lazy and just practiced crossing strings evenly and some hard to do chords. I consider myself intermediate minus. Years ago I was intermediate plus.
  7. This performance of his BFlat Cello Concerto (#9) is the bee’s knees. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUSnRLPbZGk&list=PL5ZbmtXK9GbBBmWVmmLi1BY_e7TSMHkOL&index=8
  8. I just posted pics of mine and got no comments. Is it not nice?
  9. Hi everybody. What do you think of this cello? I know it to be German, mid century (possibly a bit earlier), no label, alcohol based varnish, and the top is 3 pieces. By the pictures is anyone able to provide any more info or insight that I’ve provided? Opinions? Also, the last pic shows a crack at the f hole. It does not apprear to be moving and does not buzz. Is there way to reinforce it e.g. putting some glue behind it or somehow reaching in to put in a patch? Should I leave it alone? Thanks in advance.
  10. I did in the comments. He didn’t know. If I realllllyyyyy wanted it, I guess I could get someone to write it down.
  11. Does anyone out there in internetland recognize this music or is it just a cello improv? I’d like to find the sheet music if possible. Oh, and the fellow (Vincent) is super funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUaZSVcD7UI&lc=z223vnjzusbjep0rz04t1aokgnmubovgd2klfwjadlx4bk0h00410
  12. My first impression is how delightful it is to see young folks playing musical instruments - and still having fun while they’re at it. There is so much synthesized and autotuned stuff out there.
  13. Shostakovich Trio Op. 67 Rachmaninov Elegiac Trio #2 Luka Sulic (cello): Theme from Schindler’s List
  14. On your Screen name in the upper right, do the drop down and Go to Profile On the left side there’s the circle with your big initial on it, eg: “R" Click on the little picture button on the bottom left of the circle and upload the picture. I just did mine.
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