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  1. Very old thread, I know. But what is meant by “semi-commercial?” Are the WHL workshop models made from scratch in Chicago by multiple luthiers on various parts of one instrument? Or do they import parts and assemble them in Chicago? They always seems to get favorable reviews so just curious about the process. Thanks.
  2. That’s what I was thinking. At $19,000+, it brings some really nice violins into play. I’m sure that Roth is very nice. However, you can find a lot of nice violins when you get to that price point.
  3. That’s what I hope to find eventually. One that may not be a “name” but good and solid that plays well. Finding a diamond in the rough at a decent price would be fun (but I guess that is the dream of most violinists).
  4. I wondered about the $19,200 price too. Most seem to go in the $6k to $10k range. But that one is a beauty though. What is the significance of the hand written “10” on the inside? Does that distinguish it from other 1920-30s Roth’s somehow?
  5. What can be seen in that one photo that makes its it interesting? I see black tarnish, so it’s silver mounted. But it looks like a normal bow. I don’t know the fine points of bow quality, so wanting to learn. Thanks.
  6. For a violinist who does not plan on ever playing viola permanently, where would you suggest finding a reasonably priced, but decent playing viola just to have on hand and to learn on? No access to a local shop, so the purchase would have to be “sight, unseen” unless it was a trial from one of the larger online retailers. Say approx in the $2k to $3k range if you can get a decent playable one for that (knowing nothing about violas). Presumably the value opportunities are better with older ones. Any chance that a lower priced one from the Tarisio fine instruments auction would be decent? Only reason for thinking of non-traditional sales venues is that you would probably pay a premium at normal retail and odds of coming out ok on a resale would not be as high if it didn’t work out. But buyer would not want to risk having to put a lot of money in it for repair, so T2, eBay, some of the other auctions would likely be too risky. Not trying to cut too many corners, but this would be more or less for fun and experimenting, so it would not seem to be the same approach as buying a violin for everyday playing. Also, what size is “standard” for violas? ie. 14”/35.6cm is the sweet spot for violins, but what is it for violas? Thanks.
  7. Question about gold mounted bows. How many grams of gold are typically used in the ferrule, button, winding, and tip (if applicable)?
  8. Are there any tonal differences in a slab cut back like that compared to the more common quarter sawn? The backs on those two are beautiful!
  9. Regarding size (on any violin), at what size does it become too large where it diminishes the value? Do larger violins not play as well, or are they less desirable because they are simply not in some historical sweet spot for size? Thanks.
  10. For Lot 203 on Tarisio, how much is the value affected by Joshua Bell having played that violin as a young man? Not asking for an approximate value, but what approximate % (+ or -) could that affect the price?
  11. Can a crack like this be repaired from the outside and roughly how much should I expect to pay for repair and retouch (ballpark since I know this is not much information). Thanks.
  12. Regardless of what the ingredients are, the recipe label will be fake. The ingredients will be “the usual” ones from Germany.
  13. Musafia includes one in most of their cases. Tube with holes and absorbent material in it. Add moisture in the tube and the absorbent material stays damp to add humidity to the case. See Musafia’s website for actual instructions, but apparently Shar sells them for Musafia also. You can read more in the “About” section. http://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Humidifiers/DIMUS-II-Humidifier-for-Musafia-Cases.axd
  14. Seems like most are around 75cm / 29 1/2”. Is a 73.75cm / 29” bow a fractional size (possibly 7/8) or just a petite full size? The math probably does not work this way, but if full size bows are typically 75cm/29.5” and 3/4 bows are typically 68.5 cm / 27”, then would a 7/8 bow be around 71.75cm/ 28.25”? Also, how much weight does hair add to an unhaired bow? Thanks.
  15. It’s a little off topic, but what would the ballpark estimated cost be to restore a violin in that condition? I know you would to have it in hand to know for sure, but I just mean a high level estimate based on what you can see in the photos.