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  1. SibeDad

    Lang Violin

    Hello Lang family members. It is with some sadness accompanied by pleasure that I announce that Lang violin #36 "Irene" has found a new home. After attempting to learn how to play this fabulous instrument and being unable due to a previous sports neck injury that makes it painful after any length of time I made the decision to find a home where she can be played and enjoyed. Yesterday, May 26, 2021, Irene left for her new home with a very nice young lady, Lisa, from the Medicine Hat area here in Alberta. I wish Lisa and Irene many years of music and enjoyment. I will use the funds from the sale to purchase a handcrafted Canadian guitar, which I am able to play. I am confident my Father would approve of this trade. Keith
  2. SibeDad

    Lang Violin

    I am unable to answer that, maybe one of his grandchildren may know, however 1936 was a long time ago. Possibly in Max's earlier years he did not feel placing the number was significant. Mine [#36] is numbered on the far left of the dated label as well as the separate inscription label mentioned in my original post. What is the history of your violin? Did you purchase it or was it handed down to you and where do you currently reside?
  3. SibeDad

    Lang Violin

    Thank you Jim, for this added history and pictures.
  4. SibeDad

    Lang Violin

    I nor my brother have ever had our Lang's appraised for value. However, I was quite taken aback by the this article, see attached, from the Saskatoon Star Phoenix from 2007; where Ed, one of Max's sons, states he was offered a large amount for #9; that was the violin that took 1st place at the Canadian National Exposition in 1939. To me the value is not important; the memories of the joy and pride these violins brought to my Father are what is most important to me. I am trying to learn to play, as I do play guitar, but the violin is a whole different beast I am finding. Lang Family SP2007.pdf
  5. SibeDad

    Lang Violin

    Yes, that would have to be one of his very early creations, as he built his first in 1934 after being approached in a dream, as recollected by Maximilian in a 1978 newspaper article, by violinist Fritz Kreisler a couple of nights after seeing him play a concert in Regina, Saskatchewan. We are lucky people to have one of these treasures.
  6. SibeDad

    Lang Violin

    Hello, I am new to the violin and this is my first post so please bare with me. I was lucky enough to inherit a violin from my Father in 1992. He had two of the 39 violins made by Maximilian Lang from Raymore, Saskatchewan, Canada. My brother, who plays violin, was given both for playing and safe keeping. I, at the age of 63, have decided I would like to learn to play, so my violin, #36, was returned to me last week. My brother has #35. I was wondering if there are any other holders of Lang violins on this forum? There is an inscription on the inside of #36 that reads, "This violin(the 36th) was completed on March 11th, 1978 by Maximilian Lang at the age 90 years and 10 months in Raymore, Sask." She is a beautiful instrument and I hope I will be able to do her justice as I learn to play. This violin is original other than the tailpiece, my brother changed it for one with fine tuners. The original had a tuner on the 'E" string only.
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