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  1. Oh. Thank you. I thought it was beautiful. But I am afraid the birds eye helped the appearance only. The second cello had a better sound.
  2. Thank you for your comments, ---------------------------------------------------------- I've played the cello for more than 25 years. Even though I may not say I can manage the fine cello with a good expertise, I can say I have a hope for it. But currently I do not have much time to practice, and it may not be a good idea to try to get an instrument which I would not be able to give much care to. My current instrument is not bad. But compared with these old ones, mine sounds a bit superficial. It would be wise to ask for a help from a professional cellist. Yes, definitely. I'd better find a way if I would like to get a good one. But I think the experts here are giving advice which I can get nowhere. ---------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for deciphering poor quality pictures. I might have to find another one. Besides the money I have to pay for the instruments, I am afraid those cracks would cost me a lot throughout my life. -------------------------------------------------------- The sides and back of the first cello seem made of wood which seems rare to me. Is that more valuable than ordinary wood used for making a cello?
  3. Yes. that is a good idea. I recently repaired a crack in my cello by a luthier. I think the sound quality improved a lot! Maybe I should try to live with my current friend!
  4. Dear experts, Thank you for your time and comments. I am an amateur cellist. But for years, I have been looking for a cello with a better sound quality. I do not have a preference for an old one. And I know.. that I cannot find a good old cello with my budget. And anyway, with my budget, I may not find a cello which is far superior to mine. Yes, Chinese cellos are quite good. Recently I played a Chinese cello, and I found it pretty good! I liked that the pegs moved smoothly and the gap between string and the fingerboard was not wide as my current cello. It was very comfortable to play. Maybe I'd better be satisfied with my current cello. I did not reveal my location because that would disgrace the place where I am and the people who may be involved with this kind of things. But yes you guessed.. and according to your suggestion, I'd better do my best to find some credible one from a credible shop. Have a wonderful week! Greetings from wonderland
  5. Dear Wood Butchers, Thank you for the answer. But these two cellos are from a reputable shop though not the biggest. I am playing them at my home for 4 days (and the pictures are taken at my home.) Do you mean that the price of these cellos are far beyond their value? Thank you for sharing your expertise.
  6. Hello, dear experts. Thank you for your considerate advice! I own a German modern cello which I bought at USD 4500$ at a shop 20 years ago. I am looking for a cello with a budget of 10000$-20000$. (I know with this budget, I would not be able to obtain a cello which is far better than mine. I just hope to find a good one) I was recommended two cellos from a reliable seller (NOT A COLLECTOR). I was told that both were made in Germany around 100 years ago. The first one is 12,000$ (first seven pictures) and the second one is 15,000$ (last five pictures). Both of them have a number of cracks. Which of two would you recommend considering the condition of the instruments? Thank you! Have a nice weekend!
  7. Oh.. I don't think they have one. But.. let me be frank. In the past, it was quite a common practice here to sell low-quality old instruments at an inordinately high price..as there were demands for "old and expensive" instruments, and as there were only paucity of information about the instruments. There were even lawsuits quite many years after the purchase..(when the buyer realized that it was just a cheap instrument!) So even though I cannot make sure if the owner has a receipt, I do not think it was a lie (To be exact, the price was at USD $45000.) Because it often happened here under the connection of the seller and the one who introduces buyers to seller (in many cases, music professors or musicians who gave lessons to the buyers) As it is very common here nowadays for individuals to go abroad or to buy instruments directly from abroad, and there are much more information available, such practices are less common these days. But I think it may still happen..as it is very tempting to make a huge profit from those who are not well-informed.
  8. Dear Brad Dorsey and baroquecello, Thank you for the good explanation! Baroquecello! You'd better be called a Supermodern cello. Thank you again.
  9. Dear Experts, Thank you for your time and remarks. I do not want to distrust others. But concerning these instruments, there seems to be a great temptation to make an unjustifiable profit. And actually it happened so often in the places which are far away from the countries where good instruments are made (..). I do not want to distrust the "collector," but I am very sorry that he got those instruments without knowing the truth. Thank you again.
  10. In addition, one more modern instrument whose maker I cannot identify
  11. Thank you for your kind comments. I hope these pictures would give useful information for your judgements. Yes, I am looking for a good instrument at an affordable price. These cellos belong to an individual collector, who obtained these cellos from Italy. I trust the collector, but yes, there are so many fake instruments. And even the collector could have obtained these instruments without knowing that they were not genuine That's why I ask for your valuable advice.
  12. Hello, Is there anyone who can identify the brand of these cello strings? I was told that they were a one set. They seem not like Larsen Crown (they offer yellow, orange, red, and blue for A, D, G, C strings). Or Spirit? But I could not find any pictures of the colors of Spirit cello string.
  13. OK. I just wondered which would be the best option without consideration of the price. I corrected the wording. Thank you.
  14. Thank you very much. You have a fine eye to find a crack in this small picture! Yes. It has a large crack near the soundpost. I think it was true that the cello was sold to the owner at about $50000 in USD. Regretfully such things happened in the past.. Have a nice Sunday!
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