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  1. Do you think that bridge "tuning" and the use of piezoelectric-frequency meter have any sense? I never tried that but I would like to know if it is usefull. Is this like a proof that a bridge is getting better?
  2. Very helpful. I was trying to find a video on YouTube or somewhere else on setup but I could not find anything "special" on violin setup. Do you have any recommendations?
  3. Thank you very much for the information. Wish you a happy new year.
  4. Thank you a lot. I know the tutorials. I cannot find there information for soundposts placement.
  5. I would be interested for sharpening lessons too if they exist on the internet. Thanks
  6. I don't know. Maybe there are other members that have better knowledge on that topic. I have seen similar instruments from ex Eastern Europe too. "German" -- maybe I used word the wrong way. Maybe it is Czechoslovakian, Yugoslavian etc.
  7. Old German trade instrument. Nothing special. Maybe it sounds good.
  8. Mathias Neiner Geigen. /Mittenwald. It would be better to have photos from the entire instrument.
  9. Please can you suggest me the best tutorials for violin/viola/cello bridge and soundpost setup? Can be books, videos or online sources. I am unemployed so I don't have the budget to attend any school or workshop. I am violist and I setup my instruments from techniques I learned from friends, but nothing official. Thank you all and wish you luck and happiness for the new year.
  10. Merry Christmas and happy New year to all. I am happy being a member in this forum.
  11. Exactly. Good build but need sometimes a lot of set up. Many times fingerboard need adjustment,bridge, soundpost etc.
  12. Goran74


    Even without clamps... many luthiers use paper tape for gluing. It does fantastic job. I have glued a lot of violins just with tape and 4-5 clamps.
  13. Nice bow. And good information about the bee wood. Really appreciate.
  14. When I made a padauk classical guitar I filled the pores with pumice. The finish was brilliant. Is a classic method before french polishing among guitar luthiers.
  15. Very interesting book. I would like an english version. Thank you for sharing.
  16. I use a small tape patch. Works perfectly.
  17. Good suggestions. I use wax sometimes as cleaner and protective element too.I know carnauba wax is good and used in many instruments too.
  18. Trully nice! Can be handmade too. You gave me a nice idea.
  19. Is there any special preparation (except fuming) before oil or french polish?
  20. Hello to all members of this unique forum. I am just finished a violin bow stick. I was wondering which is the best way to finish it. I sandpaper it with 1200. I am thinking to finish with pure linseed oil and pumice stone dust. Does the linseed oil has to be pure or with something else inside to dry faster? Would it be better to finish with french polish (trasparent shellac)? Thank you all
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