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  1. I was studying the Amati's violin that suggested Urban Luthier. The ribs are not so high. Also at the research "the violin and its reduced sizes", ribs are 30mm. But if you say that height matters, I will keep it in mind. Thank you
  2. Thank you for answer. I have the one Amati poster but it is 4/4.
  3. Many thanks for the information.
  4. Thank you. You know more for sure and I have little experience. I read again about this method. Does it have success? (I have strad posters)
  5. Hello. I am planning to make a 7/8 violin. Are there any available plans to buy? For example 7/8 from Amati or Stradivari's King Maximillian? I was searching a lot on the internet but without success. Of course there are some big editions of master makers of tge past but prices are too high for me. Thank you a lot.
  6. Thank you Peter. As I can see, in this process is used a tablet, an application (which apk?), and the method is: throwing the bridge from a standard height on a hard surface and recording the frequencies?
  7. Thank you David for the recommendation and your advices. Really helpful. Do I have to tap the bridge in any special way or with any special tool? Thanks
  8. Thank you for your information. With so many information around, it is difficult to find the end of the procedure - and the most of the time I overdo things. This is the reason why I want to declare the limits. This method with the microphone (I read Curtin's article and the Maestronet's references) does it have better results with a piezo sensor (like Curtin's)? I never tried that but I plan to do it. Of course I need a jig to hold the feets I guess.
  9. I agree with you. You are right. Thank you all for your answers and your time. Of course as I said I am not experienced and that is why I ask. There is chaos at the internet. Because of that - forums like maestronet come to resolve that issue.
  10. There is too much noise about bridge tuning. I have little experience so it is not clear what has sense and what does not. I have read almost all the research papers. Also I found that http://www.violinresearch.com . Which are the rules of violin tuning in the end? Is it a so complex process that needs a scientific laboratory for research or it is a matter of following simple rules? Thank you all
  11. Thank you all for your answers. I used with success oil pastel crayon. After application, I wipe it off with a cloth and an oil drop. Also I use chisel for feet - for some reason I cannot use effectively the knife or I do not have the proper tool.I have a straight one but it is a bit thick. With the sandpaper the process is a bit faster but I do not see amateur results with this method. (** haha these videos are standard response on such questions... one day I will try - I have a jackhammer instead of a drill - procedure will be much faster..)
  12. Most of the well respected luthiers fit the bridge's legs using chisel or knife and tracing with ex. pencil dust. There is also the method of the "bridge fitting tool" (that small jig with a wheel) and sandpaper (turned upside down). Which are the differences and the + or - of both processes? I was always finding the sandpaper method faster and safer. Thank you
  13. Hello. I am working 9-5 everyday. Since now I was working on orchestras and teaching at conservatories. But my current job is on a different topic. (The need of better income pushed me to find that job). I have about an hour or 3/4 per day to practice. Do you have any program to suggest? Kreutzer etudes, bach and a concert were first thing on my mind. Even Kreutzer alone is good to mantaine some level. What do you think? Thank you
  14. Thank you very much all for your precious help and comments. I see my mistakes and I will try fix them. I would like to learn more about frequency measurement-tuning with a piezo microphone. The discussion before years does not explain in detail the procedure. I have read the articles on bridge tuning and researches too. I would be intrested for that simple microphone method if anyone knows more. Also do you think that Prier's DVD on setup have more details than the sources mentioned above? It costs some money and I am wondering if it worths.
  15. I tried to carve this bridge reading Strobel's book and trianglestrings article. I would be happy if you could critisize it to find my mistakes. Strobel's book was really helpful. I have a trouble trying to plane the bridge (I have to put a stop block to the table in order to plane it without holding it). Because of that I use a sandpaper block to thin the bridge. Also for the finish I read a lot of suggestions. Shellac, colour, chemicals etc. What is the most efficient? Thank you for your time
  16. Hello and happy new year. I am intrested for advanced violin lessons. I have violin diploma and many years at orchestras. I like to follow a program to refresh my repertoire. (Bach, Mozart concertos, one big concerto, Ysaye, Paganini Caprices etc.) Because of my obligatory army service I lost a lot of my contition and I want to be in a good shape again. I would be intrested for online lessons in a fair price. Organized plan for lessons would be better for me too.
  17. Do you think that bridge "tuning" and the use of piezoelectric-frequency meter have any sense? I never tried that but I would like to know if it is usefull. Is this like a proof that a bridge is getting better?
  18. Very helpful. I was trying to find a video on YouTube or somewhere else on setup but I could not find anything "special" on violin setup. Do you have any recommendations?
  19. Thank you very much for the information. Wish you a happy new year.
  20. Thank you a lot. I know the tutorials. I cannot find there information for soundposts placement.
  21. I would be interested for sharpening lessons too if they exist on the internet. Thanks
  22. I don't know. Maybe there are other members that have better knowledge on that topic. I have seen similar instruments from ex Eastern Europe too. "German" -- maybe I used word the wrong way. Maybe it is Czechoslovakian, Yugoslavian etc.
  23. Old German trade instrument. Nothing special. Maybe it sounds good.
  24. Mathias Neiner Geigen. /Mittenwald. It would be better to have photos from the entire instrument.
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