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  1. Now that I see it more clearly on the computer screen I I agree with you I think it's AS on both. The instrument is posted will full pictures in this thread.
  2. I was doing some digging and found a few Mittenwald violins with stamps on the upper back near the button. Peter had clued me in on seeing a few with AS stamped on the upper back, so I looked a little more carefully at the stamp on my violin and with turning it to the side its clearly the identical stamp. Here's an example of the AS stamp and the faint AS stamp on my instrument. Does anyone have any further information about this? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the Mittenwald Verleger ID I appreciate the expertise. The number is likely from Lewis and Co and I will hopefully have an answer about the number soon. I'm not too sure this will help much though. I would have guessed Mittenwald based on the many prior threads on this website from you experts but I thought the corner blocks looked like they were added later and did not think it was built on an inside mould so I was a bit confused.
  4. I'm interested to see your thoughts on this instrument. I've been playing this violin for the last 30 years and would like to know the origin and age of the instrument. I know the history of the violin back to the 1950s when it was purchased at Lewis and Co in Chicago by a family member. We think it had work done by Lewis prior to purchase and may have been revarnished, but it's a great sounding violin and has sentimental value to me. It appears to have been built on the back but has cornerblocks. There are 3 identifying labels on the violin, which I'm sure are of no help. Label reads "Andreas Guarnerius fecit Cremona Sub titulo Santa Teresia 1660" There is a number "6577" label, as well as a faint stamp below the button on the back. It's on the bigger side, LOB is 359mm Thoughts on region maker and age? Thanks
  5. Medically you would use a petroleum product, in the US an ointment like Vaseline or aquaphor. This does dissolve the glue bond on skin rather gently but I'm not sure what effect it would have on the finish or wood compared to other products
  6. That's nuts, I could not believe he could shift and not drop the instrument.
  7. I think it depends on how long you practice daily. I would highly doubt taking even a few days off after years of playing would have any negative effect on technique. Now I took about 25 years off and its taking me a little bit of time to get things back!
  8. I have a bigger android tablet and using the MobileSheets app its pretty easy to pull in sheet music PDFs. Just did a couple today. The only issue with the tablets I find is the glare. An e-reader screen would be much better but they are so expensive in large form. I'll keep looking at options. Thanks for the replies.
  9. Anyone using a digital sheet music display/reader? There is a ton of music available for download and I've just printed it out in the past. I saw a few digital players I thought looked interesting, however they seem prohibitively expensive. I found the the Padmu, Sony display, and Gvido in a quick search but they are all over $600. They all seem similar to Kindle for music. Certainly not promoting any of these but was wondering how everyone else is approaching digital sheet music.
  10. Pawsplus I've just started to practice when my family is home after a month of tinkering, with the door shut of course. Small victory though... my 13 year old daughter pianist, singer, and musical theater junkie said "wow dad that's really good" as I bumbled my way through the first page of the Bruch. My next hurdle will be starting lessons again and actually playing in front of someone. Eventually I will get back to the symphony and even a regular rehearsal will feel amazing I'm sure.
  11. Does anyone even use the e strings matched in the set of strings? I've yet to find someone who prefers a full set of dominants or or even pirastros.
  12. I am teaching my daughter music theory and a few years ago purchased a very nice digital keyboard with USB input. Does anyone have a favorite software that helps teach theory?
  13. I've been using Pano tuner. It's pretty quick and is easily customizable even with the free version.
  14. I'm returning to playing as well after college, life got in the way. The last time I performed was with my college symphony in 1993. I've picked the violin up here and there since then but am back to daily practice over the last month. Your progress has made me think about joining the college community symphony here in town. It's really great to feel some of the memory returning, but its slow. Following your progress.
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