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  1. Any thought on who the maker may be?
  2. Yes the top and bottom had grooves cut for the ribs to go through
  3. Old French copied Itakian makers too?
  4. Old French? Label said Italian lol
  5. How about this fiddle? Anything interesting about it?
  6. Perhaps i didn’t make it clear in my op. Clearly it is not a Stainer, and based on the wood selection and the quality of purfling, i would expect this to be an above average grade copy. But what i am intrigued about it (not about the violin), is the fact that if the maker is talented enough, and had access to great materials, why made this fiddle so obvious a fake/copy? Why not find a label that is more resembled to this forger’s style if work and make it more believable? I know perhaps i put too much thoughts into this, and i apologize if i have wasted everyone’s time
  7. The part that has intrigued me the most is the detailed purfling work that it has veen done on a fiddle of this origin, plus the selection of wood. Lastly, if you are going to copy something, make it as closely as the original, yet this fiddle is so obviously not a Stainer. So i have found it interesting that the amount of time and details that the maker put in on the purfling, yet labelled it a Stainer while there was no resemblances to a Stainer.
  8. In your opinion, what would be a more appropriate verbiage to use
  9. It is interesting to me, and i am sorry to hear that you do not share the same intellectual curiosity
  10. Yes, think the back may have been revarnished. Definitely looked different front and back. Why put a Stainer label when it doesn’t even resemble a Stainer fiddle? I am just surprised to see how well the purfling was carved
  11. I have this interesting violin. At first glance, i thought it is another Factory made German violin. But the purfling is well made and the varnish doesn’t look like my other German violins. It has Stainer label and inscription, but the relatively flat arching definitely rules out Stainer as the maker. Any thought about the possible origin of this fiddle?