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  1. The back also doesn't look like his works comparing to all the photos in Tarisio
  2. Do you mean Trump and how he is able to put up a facade of biggest reality tv show on earth.
  3. Looking at the varnish, the one in discussion doesn't look quite right.
  4. I guess the market made a clear statement.
  5. Now the auction is over, what's the verdict? Workshop of Bernardel?
  6. I have two questions. 1. Is the top or the bottom of the violin more important to for tone? 2. From collector perspective, is the top or the bottom of the violin more important toward valuation of the fiddle?
  7. I just bought a what appeared to be an old German violin. Inside the violin, i noticed this label with the name H. Oscar Johnson, 2210 Eye street, Sacramento, CA. Any information on this violin maker as far as the quality and reputation?
  8. There is a difference betwee a liquidated price vs dealer price. If you want cash quickly, then auction is the route to take
  9. Correct me if i am wrong, but aren’t the Italian fiddle are usually flat. High arch design was common pre Strad era and among Austrian-Germain fiddles.
  10. From your photos, it looks like the Landolfi one has high arch?
  11. We have visited Ifshin and Feller and didn't find a fiddle that we like. I know the process will be a tedious one, but I was hoping if someone can give me a few maker names (modern or antique) so we have a starting point and can try them.
  12. I am assuming pre 20th century will sound better than modern cello? It is for a student who is majoring in cello in college
  13. I am in SF area and looking to buy a great sounding cello. Have a budget up to $50,000. Any suggestions?
  14. No label, but just curious who do you think the maker may be