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  1. Yes, there is a strip down the centre joint of the back on the inside
  2. I had high hope for it to be an Italian fiddle. So far more Saxon votes than Italian.
  3. When i looked through the f holes, i am seeing a square/rectangular plate with strip extending north and south from the block. Apologize for my poor drawing. This was what i saw. No triangle
  4. Just curious, is it a 6 o’clock scroll? Can someone post a photo of non 6 O’clock scroll
  5. How do you corner blocks without opening up the violin?
  6. i put them side by side
  7. Thank you. I don't know if the fiddle really done by Messori, but i do like the aesthetic look of the violin.
  8. The fiddles at Tarisio are Messori's later works. This one is dated 1908, and most of them at Tarisio are after 1920's. I am no expert for this particular maker, and not sure if his earlier works differ than his later works
  9. Yes, based on the finish and the varnish, and the fact that it doesn't look like a German violin, i was led to believe that it's Italian. But that's just my personal opinion
  10. As far as from what i can see, this fiddle looks like an Italian one
  11. Does the violin looks like an Italian one?
  12. Just found this violin that came with this bow, signed Arthur Knorr Germany? The violin has old label Massori, Modena 1908. Any idea if this is by Massori?