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  1. Thanks Nick. Great idea and I will defo try that if I can't get a box from a music store.
  2. Thanks, avandesande. Good idea! I'll definitely give that a go if I can't get one from a music store.
  3. Thanks Brad. I tried the store I bought the case from but they didn't have any. I'll certainly try other stores, though.
  4. Thanks Reg. Sorry I wasn't clear - *I* will be travelling between Manchester and Edinburgh when I am in the UK, but the cello will be travelling from the UK to USA. Yes it came in a box but unfortunately that box was recycled.
  5. Hello I'm putting this out there to see if anyone can help me. My mother just moved house and she doesn't have room for the cello any more. Not sure how much it is worth but it was made by a relative in the 1880s, so I want to make sure it's not damaged. I bought a hard case for it but would like a box to protect the case during shipping. I will ship it fedex UK to USA. It's a full size cello. The case dimensions are 140 x 56.5 x 39 cm. It came in a box but unfortunately that box is no longer available. I contacted the casemanufacturer and they haven't responded. Does anyone have an idea of where I can get a box? I'll be travelling between Manchester and Edinburgh with a biggish car. If I can't get a suitable box, any recommendations on packing the cello another way? Any help you can provide is appreciated! Many thanks! Cheers, Dave