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  1. Out of curiosity, how did you come to the conclusion Andrea Gisalberti?
  2. Looks sort of self taughtish to me. American?
  3. Don’t feel bad. It’s hard to leave a violin behind sometimes (I know) Some needy student may have a lifetime of enjoyment from a start on a violin like this. That means this could be a priceless instrument still for someone yet;)
  4. The first screen shot said Lyon and Healy trade bulletin 1916-1917. Not sure if anyone can actually track that down on here. I don’t have that
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Carl-vulzar-violin-con-estuche-y-arco-2-pieza-del-vientre-y-trasero-/112586644196?_ul=CO
  6. Carl valzar if the checks out
  7. The violin was purchased at an estate sale. (Not from a great concertmaster as far as I know;)). In the case was a letter claiming it had been evaluated by e.a. Thompson 1914 in mn. I believe it probably was ( under tailpiece it was pencil signed e.a.thompson). The violin had a fake ruggeri label (pictured) Under that was a Leopold widhalm label. It is kinda obscured by the glue from the other but you can still make it out. I’m sure someone had a fast one pulled on them back in 1914 ha. Back is 352 mm. Any thoughts about the violin?
  8. Jwillis

    Anton trnka

    Has anyone ever run into a maker by the name Anton trnka? I have a top with this name penciled above the basebar. Thanks
  9. I love my community orchestra. We have a bunch of fine players. I’ll admit having excellent players brings your level of playing more quickly but I also have found when your section is thin and exposed you work harder because there is no place to hide. Ha. You are also more conscious of what you sound like and the value of what one player brings to a group
  10. I agree with this. For what it’s worth I have an extremely powerful and dark sounding violin but on fast passages it kind of muddles up a bit. I found that a pernumbuco tailpiece helped a lot. At least to my ear
  11. Jwillis

    Doming pegs

    What is the best practice for doming pegs so they all look perfect?
  12. The moderator graciously allowed me to post pictures within my first 10 posts if this helps
  13. Jwillis

    Wood ID

    How would poplar perform compared to maple from a performance standpoint?
  14. Jwillis

    Bow porn

    Wow that is an awesome looking bow
  15. Looks like it is signed John Juzek. Pardon my ignorance but I wondered if anyone else had seen this before. Btw the violin is really messed up. Someone did a home refinish layer of what looks like polyurethane. And the inside looks like it was filled with some sort of staining solution. Probably to make it look older
  16. The top had some clear varnish that was painted over some repaired cracks. The back is all original varnish. With a lot of craquelure
  17. Thanks for all of the feedback really appreciated. I read that having a pic of the arching and corner construction sometimes is useful so I will attach. The violin to me seems fairly flat. May not be the prettiest but the sound is very complex. Very even with lots of overtones
  18. Hello, I first want to say how much I have enjoyed this forum over the years. It’s nice to finally join. I own a violin that I really enjoy. I know that it has had some heavy repair over the years and it isn’t particularly valuable, however I would never let it go. I have had a few people give me their thoughts on where it was made but I thought I would ask some experts. I will try to attach a few pictures. The length of the back is 358mm
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