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  1. Violin is shockingly good…
  2. Indeed some of the very best chuckles always came from Philips posts
  3. Ive had silver mounted bows with green tarnished rings. The ring is a copper alloy that looks gold when polished up. Liners are often not silver
  4. …I think the jb weld is gonna hold…
  5. I’m of the opinion that setup is a relative term on eBay and therefore disregarded as far as price is concerned
  6. Ha yes…. But probably worse
  7. If you liked how it sounded before it can sound that way again. Just may take a little patience to work it out. My luthier loves to tweak the soundpost. Which I usually move around later;) because I wonder what the heck happened to my fiddle. A 1 mm adjustment can literally breathe life back into a dead sounding fiddle. Obviously a tight post might be choking it out too. Lesson is don’t lose faith just takes a bit of troubleshooting
  8. Jwillis

    Strad label

    Yes on seeing the instrument. looks like it was made to appear old and ragged to me
  9. Looks like it’s running down off the f hole too ha. In fact there are a few all over artistically placed. I always wondered why they didnt make them look more like real cracks and run them straight down the grain.
  10. Yes real pictures would be good. This looks suspiciously painted.
  11. Thanks for the clearer picture! I believe your violin probably was made to look that way when it was new. What I think of as fake old. Usually you find this alligator finish between the f holes and painted on fake cracks.
  12. And for what it’s worth some people might like that look
  13. To me this looks like discoloration of the varnish from rosin of the past. However the picture is a bit blurry. The varnish looks as if it has some craquelure in that particular area. (Not caked rosin)I would leave it alone, especially since you mentioned you are a beginner at things.
  14. Ok here are a few pictures Of the violin. It’s In the shop at moment getting a new bridge fit. I will post more detailed pics of corners, saddle, etc when I have it in hand. Inside is very nice willow linings and varnish is nice. Lob 353-4mm
  15. Ok I should have been more specific. The label says ara danielian 2001. The bridge happens to be branded ara danielian. I also know that at one time (not in my possession)there was a nice bow that was branded ara danielian accompanying it. I do not know if the brand on the bow was the same as on the bridge because I didn’t see the bow. The thought crossed my mind he was perhaps some small dealer somewhere and not the maker. But you’d think there would be more info floating out there if he had a brick and mortar shop somewhere at some point
  16. Yes I saw that and wondered if it was the same guy. I extinguished all of my googling options and figured Someone here might know
  17. Good tip, I hope this works on most of these paywalls. Never knew this
  18. I can’t get a good picture at moment but where bow camber begins the grain terminates in an arch or c shape (almost like what you see with a lift). They run the entire length of the camber. The luthier suggested that the maker was cutting thru the grains, essentially cutting in the camber. This being different than following the straight grains all the way down the blank and bending the camber with heat. I understand what he was saying however I have never made a bow and probably am butchering all the terminology he used ha
  19. Yes, that is generally what you see. However the grain doesn’t appear to run straight down the stick.
  20. Greetings, I figured that I would post a few pictures of a bow I had to get some feedback. It is a older open trench bow branded L Gillet. Hard to tell from the pictures but the stick is a beautiful piece of wood. I recently had it rehaired and the luthier commented that he felt that the camber was carved into the stick. Any thoughts appreciated thanks
  21. Greetings…..I’m wondering if anyone has had any experience with or knowledge of a violin maker named Ara Danielian? I believe that he is a real person but haven’t had much luck finding any information. All the best and happy new year
  22. Thanks Don, I get what you are saying about the fingerboard ( it may or may not be the problem) I’m done with tinkering with it for now. I plan on slapping the putty on and playing it again! I can live with the putty under the board. I’ve been playing other fiddles for a while because the thing has been messed up. My next thought was to try magnets on the top but am thrilled I found a solution before having to go any deeper. If it wasn’t one I liked so much I would have just sidelined it.
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