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  1. 3 hours ago, Wood Butcher said:

    Every violin shop you go to has a lot of bows for sale, most players own several bows. There is no real shortage of bows.
    If the price of newly made pernambuco bows from certified wood is exorbitant, people would, in most cases, just buy something else.

    Many of my colleagues play on decent to very fine bows, until we had to get CITES paperwork in place, a lot of them had no idea what their bows were made from, one even thought the metal parts on their bow were copper, but it’s actually rose gold…
    Basically, a bow just has to play well, it seems what it’s made from isn’t a primary concern for many.

    I’m sure that a vast majority of players don’t know or care what their bows are made of but pernambuco has ideal characteristics for making good bows.  The demand for fine old pernambuco bows will be just as strong as they ever have been it’ll just be much or difficult for some to deal in them. 

  2. 57 minutes ago, Don Noon said:

    Just think of the horrific loss of income wasting time by sleeping.


    57 minutes ago, Don Noon said:

    Just think of the horrific loss of income wasting time by sleeping.

    I like that too. Alas…

  3. I’m was thinking it was possibly klingenthal mid 19th.  But that was just a guess. No label. Mine is together in playing condition but lived a hard life. I got it because I thought it was just a cool thing to stick in the corner as decoration (don’t play cello). The cost was low.  I wouldn’t compare mine to the one you posted value wise lol 

  4. So technically if the adermacher made this sort of purfling in markneukirchen then any violin maker who was coming through with cash could probably get some and head off to their destination correct?

  5. That is very interesting. My initial impression of the stick was that it was very strong and light.  I threw a german silver mt frog/adjuster Sterling wrapping and leather thumbpad. Final weight was 54.9.  Super lively and loud and clear. For what that is worth 

  6. I do not believe that this information is mentioned in any book as far as i know, because i was doing what you are now when i first ran across mine.  Give me a few days and i can probably get more information 

  7. I bought the stick as just the stick. No frog. I believe the information to be correct.  I would say how i came by the information but the person probably would not like to be mentioned on a public forum;) 

  8. I have one with the same brand. I have been told that it was directly confirmed by nurnberger family that it was one of their brands.  It is two globes stamped nurnberger artist. Swan headed nurnbergers are pretty rare. Mine is not swan headed btw. Interesting thanks for posting 


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