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  1. Looks like black mold. Stands to reason if it was moldy on outside it would be moldy inside
  2. You have a German trade instrument. If you google “Carl Vulzar” you should see similar. Your violin was not made by one person but by many (division of labor).
  3. Max Scherl partnered with Heinrich Roth in 1932 and started S & R inc
  4. Let’s put this into perspective. A value meal at Wendy’s is $10. You aren’t risking much at $25. (The retail price of a dominant g string is about $25.) Although I would suspect you will get more satisfaction from the value meal than a cheap plywood violin. I’m not sure where you are located but generally you can find ok student instruments (surely good enough for your purposes) for resale at yard sales, Craigslist, etc
  5. Good one philip. Ha I caught myself looking for bridge feet impressions
  6. E a Thompson was a violin dealer. I had a business card and appraisal from him somewhere. Came with a nice violin I got somewhere……..update.. the thread you linked was a picture of the stuff. It’s somewhere around here but don’t know where. Wenberg book says he was a maker. I was never able to find a violin that looked like it was made by him but maybe there are a few out there
  7. This was my thought regarding the brand. However, it clearly looks like a nice silver mount bow
  8. Hit the wrap with black light. If it glows then it’s whale bone. If not then it’s probably some sort of plastic or synthetic material
  9. It’s silver mounted. However the ferrule look like it has been replaced with nickel
  10. Hello thought I would post this to see where everyone thought this bow originally came from. It has wide pins that attach the liner. Which I thought was possibly a French trait however the slide has a surrounding metal liner which I usually think German. The head in my opinion sorta has a French look. Maybe it’s a bit of a Frankenbow. Anyway what do you think.
  11. I can’t really place it other than not looking like Prell. I own two and the head, frog and button are all different than this example. It does look like a nice German bow tho
  12. I don’t see Herman Prell here
  13. If I took this in for a rehair, other than having to explain why I wanted to rehair it. It would be done in a day or two with a new faceplate. I’d expect a $200-225 bill. If the shop doesn’t really want to do it. Send it to someone that is more confident in their ability to rehair it. Shipping a bow costs very little
  14. There were a bunch of Riedls. The ops bow appears to be silver and better than run of the mill student sticks
  15. Fortunely, philip has sense enough not to let that scenario play out ha ha
  16. If the button is not the original and came with the new frog, the screw most likely is too long to fit into the drilled hole of the stick. The point may be forced into the existing spot under tension but does not sit want to sit there otherwise.
  17. Well one clearly looks like the button was chewed on by a dog the other the head broke off and reglued....so clearly tomato stakes. If they were both absolutely perfect to begin with you might recoup the cost of a rehair.
  18. Id snap that up at a yard sale. Good work
  19. The violin but I wouldn’t have ruled the possibility of that out lol
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