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  1. SpongeBob physics probably more my speed ha
  2. By all means try them out but id go with the best you can afford. A quality bow will make playing easier not the opposite
  3. https://www-suzukiviolin-co-jp.translate.goog/about/history/?_x_tr_sl=ja&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US
  4. That is very interesting. My initial impression of the stick was that it was very strong and light. I threw a german silver mt frog/adjuster Sterling wrapping and leather thumbpad. Final weight was 54.9. Super lively and loud and clear. For what that is worth
  5. I do not believe that this information is mentioned in any book as far as i know, because i was doing what you are now when i first ran across mine. Give me a few days and i can probably get more information
  6. I bought the stick as just the stick. No frog. I believe the information to be correct. I would say how i came by the information but the person probably would not like to be mentioned on a public forum;)
  7. I have one with the same brand. I have been told that it was directly confirmed by nurnberger family that it was one of their brands. It is two globes stamped nurnberger artist. Swan headed nurnbergers are pretty rare. Mine is not swan headed btw. Interesting thanks for posting
  8. Its an older style of shoulder rest. I used these in high school a FEW (cough cough) years ago. There are much better shoulder rests now. I dont even know if they make them anymore. The feet were always falling off and mangling fiddles
  9. The hole looks like it could have been produced by a broken shoulder rest. That would explain all the scratches surrounding the hole. Like the foot came off and dug thru before whoever noticed. In fact i probably know of the culprit. Its foot would make a pretty efficient bit
  10. I dont know about anyone else but im hoping #6 ends up being a Guadagnini or something!
  11. Danddd, if your current bow is doing the trick now, id start saving for a step up bow. You mentioned you were a beginner so your bow may work out for you a little while. However, You will find that a bow is not just a bow. Good bows make playing easier and more rewarding. Perhaps look at a secondhand coda bow or the like. They are predictable and will probably outperform the stick that you were mulling over fixing.
  12. Georgeh, I suppose if one felt this way they could donate these bows to local shops or luthiers who would be willing to invest their time and resources for needy students. I have donated bows to my luthier quite a few times. He would fix them up and the bows went to inner city kids music programs.
  13. Junk bows in the United states are still just junk bows and valued accordingly.
  14. Mho is that the value of the work would far exceed the value of the bow
  15. And made in America. Lol. Its possible it was Mittenwald but has some fanciful charm. You see corners like that on many american fiddles and one piece bottom rib.
  16. Id say American with bought scroll. Cool old fiddle. Welcome to Maestronet, lurk no longer
  17. But so close to “completely” that the state lottery is looking good…
  18. Vision titanium solo will brighten up. I find them very responsive
  19. Depends on the price. If it was set up well and the kid just loved it why not. Assuming he continued playing through his life he most likely would move on at some point to another fiddle
  20. Yes and the weight can change the balance for the positive or negative. I personally like the feel of whalebone
  21. I suppose it depends on what your definition of what the best is. If you are talking about playing characteristics then that is extremely subjective. One bow may sound fab on one violin and mediocre on another. But like violins value is not always dependent on how a something plays. It depends on what it is. So sure, you can find a gold and a silver mounted bow from a good maker with similar playing characteristics but the gold generally will have more value than the silver. All im saying.
  22. If it were gold mounted it would be more desirable i know there are all sorts of arguments to be made however “the best” of anything is always in demand
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