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  1. Out of curiosity I tried the Peter infield pi e. It is extremely good sounding. I had been using Jargar forte but I thought the Pi string added more interest to the sound. I wouldn’t say it is louder or brighter. Nice string I thought
  2. That is sweet. Good for you. Love the violin congrats
  3. The dealer was correct old violins get cracks. I’m pretty sure 95% of all my own violins have some repaired crack or repair of some sort.
  4. If it is all set up, cracks repaired and sounds good from a retail shop this is what I’d expect
  5. The wing crack looks open. That’ll need fixed. Unless it is the best “sounding” violin you have ever played I’d check around and do some consumer price checking. You can find some really nice instruments out there private party sale for a thousand dollars
  6. Do you have any close violin shops? My experience is that you will be happier with trying a violin first and finding one that sounds good to you. Plus, it should be all set up and properly adjusted. It’s easy to buy one off eBay and it costs 200-300 dollars in adjustments just to make it play as it should. If that is your budget you should be able to find something that you like.
  7. https://youtu.be/a7d8DXb1kbI
  8. Jwillis

    Cello id

    I saw no worm damage anywhere. The inside had about 100 years worth of dust down at the bottom, which I think is what you are seeing. The person working on it graduated from Mittenwald violin school in 1955 and came to America to work for Heinrich Roth. He has a lifetime of experience repairing stringed instruments and has worked on probably 20 of my violins over the years.
  9. Jwillis

    Cello id

    So I drove 2 hrs out of my way to get more pictures with the top off maybe there is more of a clue in the internals. There seems to be diamond shaped cleats running up and down both the top and back. Look original when made
  10. Jwillis

    Cello id

    All the cracks were closed and repaired. However the luthier said he’d check everything since the top was coming off and repair suspect cleats etc if he saw anything and since he didn’t tell me what it was going to cost (other than not cheap) he will fix everything ha ha.
  11. Jwillis

    Cello id

    Ah yes I thought that was you Jacob that had said that...very good. So, it mostly likely is not German. Well that is progress. Most of the tears are gone. The rest of the dark is under the varnish so it is what it is
  12. Jwillis

    Cello id

    Does it look a little German or nothing like German at all I know Jacob you originally said it looked regional english so With the top off do you still think it looks a bit English? One luthier noted that the purfling looked really thick like almost a bass on the back and that it had really deeply scooped edgework but he didn’t offer any idea of where it could have come from. Perhaps a mix of influences thus English. Ha someone said in some thread anything they were not sure about was English;)
  13. Jwillis

    Cello id

    Hello back looking at this cello. The top was off to secure a soundpost patch. So I got two pictures of the corner blocks (one top block one bottom) The luthier thought it looked German to him. So does this look like typical German construction to everyone? Or is this typical of most cellos...
  14. Sell it on eBay as needing repair/restoration for $100-150 bucks then throw in on one set up ready to roll for $400