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  1. For what it is worth, I like the look of the missing color. Adds interest my vote is to leave it as is.
  2. Carl Vulzar. It’s a fictional trade name as stated above
  3. My guess is that it was hooked from the hand. I often play with people who hold the violin by the scroll like this. The wear on the other side is on the top side of the spiral (palm) just a thought
  4. Any idea if it works on heavily repaired tops ie many repaired cracks etc?
  5. The nut needs some attention if you are going to string in up
  6. I have a friend that just got a fake one off eBay. He sent it back obviously
  7. If you like how it sounds now I’d just leave it alone. Unless you plan on playing it outside in the rain I wouldnt worry about sealing it with anything. It’ll just look like a sanded violin with shellac all over it. Plus what you like about the sound may disappear when you start putting stuff on it
  8. For what it’s worth the Bobelock oblong case has the same Velcro place for shoulder rest under the neck. It is really well made case and one of my favorites
  9. It was very busy when I was there. I did manage to snap a few pictures between onlookers however I dont know if public pics would be appropriate.
  10. https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/local-musician-to-take-stage-with-paganini-s-il-cannone-violin-wednesday/2002567310
  11. I’m right there with ya Phillip! This is a really big violin. Its snug in a full size case. I haven’t measured it but is probably a 1/2 inch larger than normal size violin.
  12. Yeah I’ve always liked it. It has a really great tone and plays great.