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  1. Ha love the frog....it looks pretty reasonable for free! I have my thoughts but will wait for the real experts to arrive. Do you have any pictures of the rib joints?
  2. Lol every time I see a thread started by philipkt in the auction skroll I know it will quickly fill up with the best comedy
  3. People and auction houses often don’t understand what pictures you are requesting and send five more equally useless. Sometimes you just got to run with it.
  4. Jwillis

    Bow id

    Ended up being exactly 60 grams with hair.
  5. This is great. Ha you might be able to pull that off. Good you tube material;)
  6. I’m late to this thread and admit not having thoroughly read. However, who cares what people do to a 200 dollar violin. They regularly post them here and are told to throw them away or not worth fixing line. I understand the don’t mess with a strad/ burgess/ etc comments. But for some inexpensive violin let them knock themselves out.
  7. I have a silver mt bow that is stamped Ludwig as well. The idea is that it may have been a shop bow sold by lowendall but that is just a thought. Tomevans take a few pictures of your bow and attach images thanks
  8. Jwillis

    Bow id

    Yes this looks like a German frog
  9. Jwillis

    Bow id

    You could be right. Although there was a Roman numeral under the winding that didn’t correspond with the frog liner
  10. Jwillis

    Bow id

    Yeah I had to look at that hard myself. It seems like someone put a dark varnish on the stick at some point and rubbed on it when it was still tacky at the head. You can see remnants the brown at the edge of the face plate. It really isn’t super noticeable until you stick it in the light and zoom it up 10xs. Ha. I dropped it off at the shop earlier and the luthier mentioned it possibly was Swiss (or along those lines)and that the frog, although it fits very well, may be a later addition. We also weighed it. As pictured without hair it was 54g. I decided to use tinsel wrap to keep it a nice
  11. This thread is worthy a hearty chuckle
  12. Jwillis

    Bow id

    Hello, ran across this bow and it seemed better than the average run of the mill. Appears to be a much older stick. Has sort of a peccatte style head. Octagonal the full length. It has a super faint brand but can’t make anything meaningful out of it. I can see a NI * possibly on the brand but that may be wrong. The stick seems very stiff and dense...feels good in hand. I intend to have a winding and rehair done. Any ideas or comments appreciated
  13. Where it sorta makes sense to me is if you want to play in a more forward position and want something to index. Without the frog you are sorta adrift ...