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  1. I was lucky enough to attend a small master class he did in Columbus Ohio a few years back. He was gracious enough to play a piece of Paganini he had been working on impromptu. Yes, he is hands down one of the most amazing violinists I’ve ever heard. I am fairly certain he was playing on a strad. I will never forget that. It also makes you realize if you practice for the rest of your life it won’t be as good ha Interesting side note: when asked about his bow he mentioned that he uses a very heavy bow. One that could almost fit into the weight of a viola bow..... interesting anyway
  2. Jwillis

    New violin

    I don’t carve my own bridges because I don’t want a crappy looking acoustically poor bridge on my violin. Having someone who has cut countless bridges in their lifetime work one up for you is worth the cost in my humble opinion.
  3. Jwillis

    Violin id

    Ok thanks. I’ve got one I’ll pm you about that I’m also curious about doing a dendro on
  4. Jwillis

    Violin id

    Sorry, trying to resurrect this Id. I can’t get a picture thru the f holes of the corner blocks but they are very precise and sharp looking and let in. Here is what I was describing as “having looked like it was played without a chinrest”. I tried to get some closeups of the antiquing. Also the ribs are exactly 32 mm all the way around. Outside mold? Thanks
  5. Thanks that was fun
  6. Well if my real career doesn’t pan out ....
  7. It’s an Amati. We were way off;) In all seriousness I don’t have any more ideas about who made the violin
  8. Jwillis

    Violin id

  9. It’s been a while but didn’t some level of Andrea Morelli trade violins have these type of shield on the back?
  10. You probably would have needed to have a bridge done and new strings even if you bought it new.
  11. Jwillis

    Violin id

    I initially thought 1840ish then I stared at the label and thought damn I was duped. It’s a nice looking violin anyway and I got it because I thought it played really well. I got it on a trade and I traded well:) however I’m still wondering what it is. I would have thought that the scroll would have been grafted which it is not either.
  12. Jwillis

    Violin id

    No the varnish is definitely original. The ground is golden and the varnish is like a honey color the varnish appears worn on the bottom of the back in a v pattern and under the chinrest as if it was played without. Also heavy wear on the upper treble side rib near the neck and top from playing in higher positions
  13. Jwillis

    Violin id

    It’s pretty convincing at first glance but the more you stare at it it almost look pixelated. If you look at the picture it looks like a grid or something. I could be wrong. The camera on my phone is getting a little long in the tooth.
  14. Jwillis

    Violin id

    Thoughts on this violin? To my eyes it is German. I believe the label is fake. Heavily antiqued. Seems well built...Thoughts of age or anything else for that matter? Length of back 360, scroll fluting goes to end, blackened pegbox, appears to have let in upper and lower corner blocks however top hasn’t been off.