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  1. But I’m betting prison wouldn’t be your idea of a good time;)
  2. Yes now that is more what I would have expected!
  3. Made me laugh….Somehow I’m guessing it’s not a Dominique Peccatte
  4. I’ve found they many times have that red varnish. Here’s one from the bin trenched. Also pictured is another that is not trenched with a sorta nicely shaped ebony frog. The sticks are very cheap. Not pernambuco.
  5. The German looks like it only needs a bit of leather for the thumb pad and rehair. Hard to tell from the picture but the whale bone wrap sorta looks possibly real which is nice if that’s the case. The other I wouldnt bother. I’ve found many similar floating about. Here’s one similar;) the table is fabulous btw!
  6. The first bow appears to resemble an inexpensive Japan bow. The second does seem to be German
  7. I recently checked out a friends Otto hoyer collection. He had a gold mount bow that was undeniably hoyer branded Leon pique. It was clearly same hand as others branded hoyer. Ops bow is however not similar
  8. I had a bow of similar vintage by H Cirilo. He indicated the mountings were silver with a small “s” brand behind the frog.
  9. Looks like black mold. Stands to reason if it was moldy on outside it would be moldy inside
  10. You have a German trade instrument. If you google “Carl Vulzar” you should see similar. Your violin was not made by one person but by many (division of labor).
  11. Max Scherl partnered with Heinrich Roth in 1932 and started S & R inc
  12. Let’s put this into perspective. A value meal at Wendy’s is $10. You aren’t risking much at $25. (The retail price of a dominant g string is about $25.) Although I would suspect you will get more satisfaction from the value meal than a cheap plywood violin. I’m not sure where you are located but generally you can find ok student instruments (surely good enough for your purposes) for resale at yard sales, Craigslist, etc
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