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  1. Can anyone recommend someone who does good varnish retouch in or around Ohio (USA) thankyou
  2. You may have gotten lucky on the bow
  3. My vote is rub it to darken. It will fade over time and just be part of the story. However it’s your fiddle. A little touch up will take your eye away from it. Perfect is kinda boring if you know what I mean
  4. People spend $100k to restore a car and sell them for half that when they are tired of them. In terms of doing something you want to do with your money this is pretty harmless. Ha
  5. The treble f hole had a little mishap
  6. If it happened while you were playing in a concert that would have made an amazing viral video:).
  7. I think the expectation is that they will not necessarily be less expensive, but rather authentic from the manufacturer and in your hot hands that minute. Who wants to wait a week to get new strings? I’ve found that I’m not nickeled and dimed for routine maintenance issues when you are a regular. Win/win for everyone except the online string dealers lol
  8. The way I see it. Anytime that someone comes into a business is another opportunity for someone to buy something else other than just strings. In my unrelated business I find the little things often take care of some of the big. However, everyone does things differently
  9. Yeah ask your local shop if they will order them for you;)
  10. What strings do you use?
  11. Jwillis

    J.D. O’Bryan

    This violin is surprisingly clean. No cracks. I wonder if it has ever been opened so I’m thinking that the linings were made that way going overtop the blocks originally. A little different than the violin in that thread. The lob is 360 mm. Little big for my taste. Looks like it was played quite a bit in higher positions from the wear. So someone was using it. I’ll be curious when it is strung up how it sounds. It’s an odd looking one though
  12. Jwillis

    J.D. O’Bryan

    We shall see... Thanks
  13. Jwillis

    J.D. O’Bryan

    Hey a broken clock is right two times a day ha.