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  1. Somewhat unrelated to the topic, but does Mr. Babbitt run a shop open to the public or is he more of a private collector?
  2. Not the same cello. Both different
  3. Jwillis

    Violin id

    Thanks Jacob. That was what I was thinking just wanted to be sure
  4. Jwillis

    Violin id

    Hello, I’m assuming this violin is a better quality German trade instrument 1890ish. There is no label. I got it because it plays amazingly well. Any idea what shop may have made it? I’m ok with it remaining anonymous but was just making sure I didn’t miss anything.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll really look at those few things next time I play it. Maybe take a different d string and see if that makes a difference. Honestly, I should have looked at the nut when I was there that may very well be it.
  6. I recently played a violin with a weak sounding d string. I’m sorta interested in it if it can be remedied. G, A, and E seem to sound pretty even. What might be the issue bassbar?, post? Top has had repairs from what I recall. Just wondering if anyone had any idea of the problem (I’m aware it probably could be a variation of many different things) what would you try first? thanks
  7. For what it is worth, I like the look of the missing color. Adds interest my vote is to leave it as is.
  8. Carl Vulzar. It’s a fictional trade name as stated above
  9. My guess is that it was hooked from the hand. I often play with people who hold the violin by the scroll like this. The wear on the other side is on the top side of the spiral (palm) just a thought
  10. Any idea if it works on heavily repaired tops ie many repaired cracks etc?
  11. The nut needs some attention if you are going to string in up
  12. I have a friend that just got a fake one off eBay. He sent it back obviously