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  1. Not to pile on…. But hypothetically wouldn’t this drive up the price of the existing pernambuco bows simply by the law of supply and demand. No new bows makes the supply dwindle. Unless of course some wonder material were to surface or pernambuco supply were to rebound to the point where the Brazilians demanded it be taken off the CITES list
  2. So (for people who would know). Are you anticipating that dealers would no longer be able to sell their old bows out of their shops? Wouldn’t bows be treated like ivory or other banned things like baleen? I understand how it will completely destroy modern bow makers and international trade of instruments. Not to mention traveling musicians…
  3. Yes when I stay away from lawn fertilizers
  4. My boss tells me it costs too much for him to take time to mow his lawn. But hell I like mowing my grass…this is perhaps part of this debate
  5. Looks like a reasonably well made modern silver mounted bow. I will state the obvious….it says “Jahre” on the frog which, I think, would point to a German origin
  6. I suppose it depends on if you like it and how expensive it was. If you paid an arm and a leg then yes. If it was a “friend” price then maybe I can see a dilemma
  7. I’m was thinking it was possibly klingenthal mid 19th. But that was just a guess. No label. Mine is together in playing condition but lived a hard life. I got it because I thought it was just a cool thing to stick in the corner as decoration (don’t play cello). The cost was low. I wouldn’t compare mine to the one you posted value wise lol
  8. So technically if the adermacher made this sort of purfling in markneukirchen then any violin maker who was coming through with cash could probably get some and head off to their destination correct?
  9. Yes great thread. Jacob. I read this the other day when you posted it.
  10. I only ask because I looked at an old cello I have a low and behold 5 ply puddling lol.
  11. Is the 5 ply purpling a typical cello thing?
  12. SpongeBob physics probably more my speed ha
  13. By all means try them out but id go with the best you can afford. A quality bow will make playing easier not the opposite
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