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  1. Thanks Duane88, I hadn’t thought of that. I was thinking along the line of powdered graphite but I bet a bit of soap is better.
  2. Hello what does everyone use to lubricate frogs and eyelets? Thanks
  3. I see Phillips point. If a student is looking for a solid player and the stick plays as well or better than most new available options from a shop then it is still saleable. So long as it isnt presented as a Bultitude. It would be considerably more expensive (and probably out of student price range) if it was 100% right.
  4. Some lucky person may get another chance... it’s back.
  5. Agreed. Perhaps if we had another cell phone video of a “nonmetallic” sounding violin from a true pro everyone would have something to compare....thanks for posting your video Josep J Ruiz
  6. Jwillis

    Bow Id

    I can’t definitively say but if I were a betting man...I’d say yes.
  7. Jwillis

    Bow Id

    I think you might be right Phillip. That got me thinking about a giant wad of junk bows I have in the garage. And wouldn’t you know I found the perfect thread pattern for the screw (after about 30 trials and errors) at least that will help it I have a frog made!
  8. Jwillis

    Bow Id

    There is a Roman numeral on the stick where the grip goes. None on the frog. That’s kinda what I was thinking. I got if for next to nothing and I like it’s look and feel so I probably will look into getting a frog made for it thanks
  9. Jwillis

    Bow Id

    Hey blankface. No pin. However the button or frog or both probably don’t go with it. I know the button and frog never went together.
  10. Jwillis

    Violin id

    Fiddledoug, You could be right... I managed to get the soundpost back up after much work (hats off to all the violin makers out there that can do it effortlessly) and strung it up. It plays remarkably well. I’ve certainly played much worse sounding with significantly bigger price tags.
  11. Jwillis

    Violin id

    So I knocked the soundpost down and there was a “D” under it. Wenberg has a r.d. Stevens working in Grand Rapids Michigan in the 30s. Might be it. The violin was very close to there. Thanks everyone for your comments