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    Old strings

    I play usually everyday. I notice that the stings don’t stay true to pitch after about 3 months (dominants). When I start feeling like I suck I change the strings and magically i like my sound again.
  2. Ok I’m trying to keep this straight ha. So let me ask this question....typically if a person has a violin with a one piece bottom rib, what is the building method used? Bob? Outside mold? Both?
  3. I’m going with the David Burgess Quote...it’s less mysterious and seems rather practical
  4. So, how would you describe the making process of the heberlein shop for say a grade vii or viii. Not a trick question just curious
  5. Lol no insinuation. I just a comment. I really hadn’t researched into the heberleins violins much. I know that the one I got is hands down better that the ma Juzek I had. I sold that and don’t plan on selling the heberlein ha
  6. In regards to factory instrument sounding good. I recently picked up a hen th heberlein jr that sounds glorious. I would imagine the top line factory fiddles sound good because they used the best or better tonewoods available.
  7. Yes I’ve seen both. I’m pretty convinced it is a ma. Cleaned up with better pictures i think it would be nice
  8. I’ll admit that the scroll doesn’t appear to to flair around the edges like some I’ve had But the general shape looks right. The fittings (tailpiece, pegs and endpin)look like original ma Juzek and it has the ebony crown on the button. And the varnish looks Juzekesque. I’m thinking it is as labeled. Maybe some of the issue is the fuzzy pictures. I’d say it is definitely a high quality Juzek than the typical and most likely ma
  9. Ok I’ll say it...what does the violin look like ?
  10. Ok, I will admit it is possible that the frog has been changed. I cant see any numeral on the stick. The slide has a v. However it seems to fit securely doesn’t rock etc. either way it’s nothing special. One in a stack of bows I’m never going to use ha:)
  11. Yeah I’m assuming they had all different grades and stamped them all Oscar e meinel.... And since I got this for nothing in an old case missing half its hair I have no reason to believe it was doctored up to make it look like something it wasn’t. The frog looks original to stick. However, as you said it looks like an average trade bow
  12. Don’t know if this is of use but here is a Old bow I have. The stick is round rather than octagonal.... no shield
  13. I use mostly dominants. I can’t even recall the last time one broke. I do change them every 4-6 months when I notice them going false.