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  1. Jwillis

    A. Vigneron Bow

  2. Jwillis

    Oh Dear 2

    The best part is how the “label deteriorated and disappeared” ha ha
  3. Jwillis

    Double Viola case ???

    That thing will need luggage wheels....
  4. Jwillis

    Oh dear...

    Well the label is convincing
  5. Jwillis

    Bow hair is tight

    I use case humidifiers in the winter and the the stick is not soft. However I bet the camber is not as much on that stick. That never really crossed my mind
  6. Jwillis

    Bow hair is tight

    This however is a total guess... lol. I just know mine really ratchets up when the cold weather sets in
  7. Jwillis

    Bow hair is tight

    Maybe part of the issue is the stick as well as the hair...
  8. Jwillis

    Bow hair is tight

    I have a bow that seems to tightenup so bad I need to rehair every winter. I don’t get it. Other bows don’t do the same? Last year the thing actually was all the way loosened and it was tight enough to play with.
  9. Jwillis

    Peg dope?

    For me it seems to not work great right after I put it on. However in a day or two after using the pegs a little it seems to work really well again. Just my 2 cents
  10. Jwillis

    Maggini model/copy?

    It doesn’t look like a strad pattern to me. Arch is higher like stainer. Not maggini
  11. Jwillis

    Unusual Neck Repair

    Adds character
  12. Jwillis

    Unusual Neck Repair

    Ha ha love that. The giant screws are a nice touch
  13. Jwillis

    Cello id

    One repair note 1922 by dB Rockwell Portland, Maine : David Bailey Rockwell (died c. 1925), though originally from Maine, worked in Boston c. 1878-1895, where he owned various businesses. A self-taught violin maker, he worked at different instrument shops and frequently moved to other cities, including Hartford, Detroit, Chicago, and San Francisco before finally settling in New York. This violin, made in Boston in 1898, displays D. B. Rockwell's significant talent for copying instruments of old Italian masters. This violin is a fine example of Rockwell's work in excellent condition. It displays a powerful sound that is deep and robust with full support in the low register and a shimmering treble. The tone abounds with character and complexity, often sounding earthy or rustic the other r e Knight Yarmouth, Maine 1922 so this cello lived in Maine at one point
  14. Jwillis

    Cello id

    Varnish needs some serious attention. Most of the cracks seem worked on. However what needs done will be more apparent when it is all apart