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  1. I'm trying to learn how to do a proper violin setup. Thanks to the many wonderful postings on this site, I've progressed in the last 6 months from "horrible" to " bad". I have a little question that I'd like to ask -- it's probably really stupid, but here goes... I'm working on what I think is a c. 1900 German factory copy of a Maggini. It's the big Maggini -- body is 3/8" longer & a wee bit wider than standard. The instrument is light (not much heavier than my Amati) and very alive acoustically: when our Border Collie barks, all the strings ring out in sympathy. The sound is very rich and nicely dark, but the volume is a bit low, so I'm experimenting with different bridges and soundposts and strings to see if I can make its voice a bit bigger . In working with soundpost placement, I've found that when the post is positioned to favor the G/D strings, I feel a strong vibration in the neck when I play. When I move the post to favor the E string, the vibration diminishes strongly. My question is: does anybody use the information provided by neck vibration to help determine optimal soundpost height & position? Many thanks!
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