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  1. Hello all, Here is an update on the studio treatment. I have put the mic testing on hold until I complete the room treatment. Based on your feedback, I have decided to treat the room properly. I am starting with base traps and have all the vertical corners ready to install. Next will be all vertical 90 degree angles to complete the project. Afterwards, the mic testing will begin. Just wanted to give an update on all the great feedback received. Regards, Michael
  2. Thanks again for all the great feedback. I can eliminate the instrument based on the fact of recording in other studios with a great response. The adjectives i would use to describe the tone I am hearing are Raspy, Thin - lacking depth with a bit of bow noise. Granted the tone is not terrible, just not what I am hearing when I and others play the instrument. I am planning extensive mic testing this weekend. Your feed back has confirmed my suspicion of wall treatments. Since I have access to materials at cost from my work, I am now researching and making plans to build acoustic wall panels and clouds. Based on my cost, I am confident I can build all panels needed for less than $ 250. Do any of you have experience in building these treatments? Regards, Michael
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. Attached is a picture of the studio, which yes needs additional treatment. I set the studio up in January of this year so it is a work in progress. The floors are engineered hardwood dampened by an area rug. I do have some concerns about the corners and bass traps. I am thinking of building acoustic clouds to rid the corners and sharp angles. I haven't completed my due diligence in mic testing at this point, hopefully will complete this weekend. I will try each suggestion presented. As far as the violin, the tone is rich and very will balance. The main instrument I use is a David Chrapkiewicz, I also have several other violins to try in the test. Thanks again for the suggestions. Any input on furthering the acoustics of the room is appreciated. As mentioned, this is a work in progress which can become a very addicting and expensive hobby!! Michael
  4. Hello All,I am recording a violin and not pleased with the tone I am getting. I am seeking a richer tone as projected by the violin Looking for suggestions concerning detailed mic placement, mono vs. stereo and actual mics preferred.Currently I have the following equipment. Focusrite 18i20 interface, 2 Rode M5s, Rode NT1, and 2 Sterling ST170 Ribbon mics. Any microphone of choice to get the rich tone of the violin would be considered.Your input is appreciated.Michael
  5. As far as I can tell the finish is original, unfortunately rosin left on the front has distorted the varnish somewhat.
  6. Here is a nice one piece back I have owned for 20 or so years. Any help identifying country of origin and maker would be greatly appreciated. Michael
  7. Here are the plans for the back and progress thus far. I will have plenty of purfling practice afterwards! Any suggestions or advice is appreciated. I will move on to a complete traditional build after a bit of reading!
  8. Hello All, This is a follow up thread to my initial new member post 'First Build Plan". I appreciate everyone's advice and going to purchase all that was suggested. As you know, one can never have enough documents, tools, or wood supply. As I mentioned, this will be my last kit build prior to moving on to a complete build. This is a kit adaptation creating an 8 String Duffopruggar. As a player, I am a Benny Martin fan and always desired an 8 string tuned in A6. Here is the original concept with progress on shaping the neck.
  9. In answer to the question concerning the scroll, here is the neck. As stated prior, this is a kit build. I did order the neck with carved head. I did however shape the neck, my first.
  10. You are correct Jackson, no know originals. Vuilluame made the original forgeries so to speak. Fascinating story if you would like to google. All Duiffopruggar's I have seen have been 4 string. I am building this one from memory and internet pictures. Here is the inlay plan for the back.
  11. Thanks again for all the welcomed advice. Here is a picture of my latest kit build. I am using this one to refine my purfling skills. This instrument will be an 8 string Duiffopruggar. On to serious building next. Michael
  12. Thanks so much for the information guys. I will research all and probably buy all. You know how it is when you get into building. Michael
  13. Hello All, My first post as a new member of the forum. I am ready to begin the journey of my first complete build. I have enjoyed success with kit building and now ready for the next step. Although the will be many opinions of the following questions, I am going to ask and go with the consensus of experienced builders. I would like suggestions on: 1.) Plans - For the first build please suggest plans that are accurate enough to spend the time in making patterns/templates. I have access to a laser CNC at work, so I will invest the time to make proper templates. Actual drawings to scale would be nice. Again, I know plans are subjective and will need to be tweaked to the individual preference, but I need a good base plan to start. 2.) Violin Making Book - These are like fishing lures, many out there but how many actually catch fish. I am looking for a complete guide that will provide the base line for me to begin the journey. Your advice is greatly appreciated, Regards, Michael Smartt