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  1. Thanks, it gets smoothed a little afterwards but something is different about an edge that used to be crisp. It’s a bit like homeopathy: the more I smooth an edge, the sharper it looks like it used to be
  2. Viola finished in the white! I’m very happy with the sound.
  3. Viola almost finished in the white. I intend to fit it up in the white to hear how it sounds and make potential adjustments, before varnishing, I can’t wait to hear how it sounds... sorry about the tilted photos, I can’t seem to correct that. let me know what you think.
  4. Where can I buy a good set of viola fittings in the uk? thanks in advance for any help.
  5. So far I’ve been graced with all the violin makers I’ve met being very friendly and willing to help. I guess it’s not everyday that a 13yr old has an interest in violin making (though it does happen).
  6. I was thirteen when I started: I’d always been doing woodworking, but played the violin too, and decided one day to try making a violin. The father of a friend pointed me in the direction of a local violin maker, who sold me some tonewood and helped me with some harder parts, my parents were generous with books & tools
  7. It’s exactly these reflections I’m looking for- thanks! the Ashmolean museum book has great photos in this respect, which show the reflections of the varnish to highlight arching I find that if I polish my gouges, planes, etc, and get my scrapers very sharp, then it’s possible, with a bright lamp to see the reflections, especially when viewed almost side on. It’s not quite as good as varnish though...
  8. This is an interesting discussion- it’s exactly this area with which I have trouble, but it’s more the reverse of Andrea Guarneri’s problems in that I leave the arch too full in that critical region- thus too flat across the top eyes of the f holes. It’s something I have trouble visuallising but I think many of you are on point here. thanks @Michael Darnton For the photo, I wish more people laser scanned archings!
  9. Do people have any photos where the arching of the belly is easy to see? I’m particularly interested in the island and the upper bouts, and especially of del gesu instruments. this is a part of the arching which haven’t quite understood yet thanks in advance for any help!
  10. In order of date I’d guess 1, 3, 4, 2
  11. The third perhaps rugieri, I have no clue about the others
  12. The first is the viotti Stradivari from 1709
  13. I find empirically that after playing through the harmonic series on each string, with a lot of bow, that the sound opens up a lot. I also think that the drying (hardening) of the varnish makes a difference over time. Not to mention the effect of string tension on the whole system. I cannot justify any of this scientifically, it is just my experience.