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  1. @Al Cramer it could be that your luthier is converting to gut string da-spallas with the longer stop length. If you put a set of regular cello strings onto one of those & tune it GDAE it will keep popping tail guts. I noticed on the Thomann website they suggest that the stop or scale as they put it on the Stentor 1/16 at approximately 410mm. I bought a Bass from them that was listed as 31" but turned out to be 30", so don't take it as gospel but at least it's going to close to that. I suppose you could think of it as the 1/8 size sound box & short scale having less sound than a full CGDA cello, & the 1/16 box & longer scale more than a voila (especially in GDAE).
  2. @Al Cramer while you're waiting to get the five grand together why not get yourself a 4 string student 1/16 cello. After all that's the size match to the modern string da-spalla. I see that the stentor 2, 1/16 has a 410mm stop length. That could be all the incentive you need to go for the real thing! The gut string da-spallas have a longer neck with a 460mm stop. I'm guessing that the difference is to do with string availability. I only want 4 strings anyway & Irish fiddle tunes dictate GDAE so that's the direction I'm inclined to go.
  3. Any sessions I can get to around Mullingar. The Chambers on a Thursday is safe bet. I'll probably be the one with the big fiddle & the Australian accent. I'm also looking at getting a 1/16 cello & trying it da-spalla (fancy word for over the shoulder) GDAE the stop length on one of those is only 5mm longer than what I'm playing but the rib height is a lot more & when you're in lower frequencies bigger is better!
  4. @Al Cramer thanks for that information. I also have a yita 16.5 gamba shaped Viola. On that one I have removed the 'C' replaced it with the 'G' & so on & for the 'E' added a 10 gauge string from a Savarez gipsy guitar set. So it has regular fiddle tuning & isn't so cramped for my fingers. I really like how the bridge is a lot closer to the tailpiece, making the left arm reach more comfortable. The lower bout (10") on the gamba is the same as the 18". I might have to give the sensicores a try! I haven't figured out how to do the Utube thing yet, all in good time. @_AlexI did try rigging up a pickup, small headphone amplifier & headphones. That is a workable solution but cumbersome. When you're sitting in a crowded Irish pub session it's good to keep as simple as possible. A bonus for the smaller instrument is that it makes it easier to add a Tenor guitar or banjo, even sometimes soprano saxophone to the night out.
  5. I started playing tunes on a 1/2 size cello, it's 590mm stop is the same as my Tenor guitar all tuned GDAE. When I was proficient enough to take it into pub sessions here in Ireland it was immediately obvious that I couldn't hear it among accordions, banjos, & flutes. Others could but that's no good to me. Getting a smaller size under the chin is clearly audible when I play it. I tried different string combinations including 3/4 cello string set. The standard 4/4 cello I found to work well, so for its next change it will get a quality set of 4/4s. The shorter baroque cello bow which isn't really a genuine baroque bow works a treat.
  6. I've decided to upsize my fiddle from the regular 13" to 18" (405mm stop) dropping an octave in the process. I tried quite a few expensive string combinations & now have cheap (Harley Benton) 4/4 cello set on. The viola bow I was using isn't up to the job of getting the thick bottom G string moving so I cable tied a weight onto the end of it which worked fine. Anyhow I decided to splash out & bought a cheap baroque style cello bow from Yita. It works way better nicer balance, improved tone & playability (Irish fiddle tunes). It's a good bit shorter than the viola bow & has narrower hair. I just thought I'd share.
  7. Hi Reg I found a spare set of Olympia Cello strings lying about so I put two of them on the voila (5th G & 2nd E), I then tried a 14 gauge plain guitar string on the 1st B as a temporary solution to try the playability of the 15" scale length. I found that 15" is quite a manageable stretch. So now I'm interested in exploring the CGDAE tuning as well. So now it'll be an octave below a 5 string Violin. To achieve this the half size set of Cello (heavy) strings should do the GDAE. I don't know what the scale lengths of Cellos which are smaller than 1/8th size (19 1/4" which is getting close), so ideally a Cello C string that is a close as possible to the 15" scale length (possibly 1/10th) maybe even a Double Bass string should do the job provided it fits onto the tuning peg :-) p.s. this is becoming a nice sounding instrument & well worth the excercise :-)
  8. Hi Reg the email didn't send for some reason unknown.. What I'm aiming to do is similar to this topic. I'm taking a 17" viola 5 string to Tenor tuning. It all started off with me taking up Tenor guitar GDAE for Irish trad, then I got the idea that since a 1/2 Cello has the same 23" scale length that it may work tuned GDAE. The result is a fabulous sounding Tenor violin! An upright Tenor takes up a fair bit of space in a crowded Irish pub session & it's hard for me to hear what I'm playing accousticaly so I got a 5 string viola to try the same tuning. The idea is to have it strung GDAEB the idea of the B string is to allow me to stay in the first position for the high parts of fast Irish reels, jigs & hornpipes. The 17" viola has a 15" scale length, when I play a note on the Tenor Cello G string at the 15" (scale length) position on the fingerboard it plays a D# (which makes me sorry I didn't ask for an 18"). This suggests to me that heavy gauge 1/2 cello strings will work for the GDAE. For the B I'm thinking? that it will need a light gauge viola A string. When I tuned the factory strings (Yita) up to GDAEB it sounded great for all of 3 minutes when the B snapped followed by the E 2 minutes after that. Any ideas folks?
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