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  1. All, Thanks for your replies and suggestions. I called around locally yesterday and there are limited choices but at the time, I was only inquiring about 16.5" viola. I think there may be extra choices with 16" viola. Also checking with another shop further out that my teacher recommended and waiting to hear back. Regarding the 16.5" viola choice, I was mostly going with the information outlined in the following site and in discussions with my violin teacher. From the best I can tell, Viola is considered full size once it is over 15.5" but the definition of full size is also dependent on arms's length. In my case, I am measuring 27.5" on arm's length and still growing. I held a 16.5" trial viola on hand in first position and the teacher commented that the position is comfortable and arm posture looks correct. I played with the 16.5" viola and is comfortable. So, the 16.5" seems to work for now and help "futuure proof" if my arm grows longer. For the price range, what are the key differences between Chinese or Romanian violas in terms of build/make and the sound from a user perspectives? Anyone particular brand/model I should avoid? For the price range, it looks like I am looking for a level up from student viola, more like "intermediate" viola. Thanks, Violin_2018
  2. Hello, I have been playing violin for about 9 years and play in school and local/regional orchestra concert settings. The violins I used are of older European vintage (>100 years) from French/Germany. This summer, I am looking to start learning viola as well to expand by horizon. I am looking into getting a 16.5" viola with warm/rich tone with strong projection mostly for solo audition setting. My budget is $2000 or below to get a ready to play condition viola. In researching, it would seem that there are a lot more sellers and choices/selections for violins than viola. Being new to viola, I like to get some advice on a few reputable sites that viola players typically get their instrument. In terms of getting a viola with warm/rich tone with strong projection, are there any particular brand/model I should focus on? Would one I be better off looking for viola from older European vintage (aged) vs newly made ones (e.g. Carlo Lamberti Tertis Viola from Shar Music)? Are there choices that offer the best value? I appreciate any other suggestions. Thanks, Violin_2018
  3. Hello, I am looking to upgrade a violin bow and came across a Brazilian bow by name Paulo S Buzatto, Silver and horn mounted. Wondering if any of you have experience with this bow and can talk to it. I search the internet and didn't see much there in terms of feedback and price range. While looking up online, I see a Brazilian bow with similar but different name... P. Buzatto. I like to check if the two are the same or actually two different make? Which one is considered better from quality and price stand points? Thanks, Violin_2018
  4. It appears C.G.Conn was a company that focus on band instrument. If the price guide book is showing violin under C.G.Conn, what is the chance that another company made the violin and C.G Conn just sell those? MW
  5. Thanks for the information. Its just amazing to see the information in the book. Would the book mention where the violin was made and other information associated with it? From searching on the internet, I do not see many of these shown and do not seem to be common. I tend to think this is made in Europe and the patriotic insignia was put on for American market. From the luthiers I talked to and in contact with, they tend to think this is mid to late 19th century era unit. I think the unit was originally built with the patriotic insignia in the back. The handcrafted wooden case and tailpiece could be indicative of the owner who may not have access to commercially available violin case and tailpiece due to where the owner lived and environment. MW
  6. Thanks for sharing the pictures and information! I found another example of Civil War violin in the American Civil War Museum Collection: It seems from looking at the top that the one in the museum is different from the one in terms of the type of wood use, wood grain and varnish. MW
  7. I posted additional pictures of the violin here: MW
  8. Bill, Thanks for taking the time and response to the post. Would you happen to have the link to the thread that you mentioned. I am hoping to understand the period of time when such decal/insignia first showing up on violins and that would help lock in the approximate age of the instrument. From there, be able to determine the origin/make of the instrument based on geo-political events at the time. I am curious about the decal/insignia as well and trying to figure out what that represents. Would that represent a particular branch/regiment of the Union (states) government and if so, which one? I did some search on the internet and came up pretty empty on something equivalent. The closest I get to his this one on eBay: Difference is the one listed has a lion's head scroll while mine has a regular scroll. It would seem if its Civil War time, a regular scroll would make more sense from a budget/cost standpoint. I am not thinking to turn this a a player for reasons you pointed out. Ran that idea with a luthier and confirmed that. Although this may have more antique value then value has a player. MW
  9. All, I have an old violin stored in a wooden violin box that seems to be customized for this violin. Attached are the pictures. The violin has no bridge but soundpost is standing. All strings are missing. The tail piece looks old and hand-made by wood and is detached from the endpin. Pegbox has four pegs in there but do not seem to be a matching set. There is no visible marking inside the violin to help determine make/model/origin of the piece. The back of the violin is interesting. It has a drawing of some kind of a pledge in the lower bout. 13-stars on the flag with the Eagle flying. I believe the Eagle is holding a banner that says E pluribus unum (out of many one). I suspected this is from Civil War era but research on internet came up pretty empty as it seems band instrument (e.g. bugle, drum) would be more common back then with very limited information on violin. I saw another similar violin online but that one has a lion head scroll whereas this one is a regular scroll. I would appreciate if you can offer me some more information on the piece. How rare is a piece like this? Thanks, MW