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  1. This is a wonderful reflection! I have been trying to determine the odd resonance that has been coming from the e-string. I measured the ratio out and adjusted the bridge to balance a 6:1 ratio and it helped the a-string. I was thinking I may need to shorten the tailpiece gut or move the soundpost (but we’re getting into unfamiliar territory). But maybe this is all stemming from the nut. Thank you Richard.
  2. Will do! Thank you for your advice.
  3. That was a different matter of confusion. It’s a grafted scroll that to all of my best guests wouldn’t have been necessary for the violin unless the neck broke. On one side it is soft and blends nicely and on the other, it is pretty sad looking. Regardless of how long it has been sitting in someone’s strange shred, that doesn’t just happen. Right?
  4. That was what I initially thought. Thank you.
  5. I recently purchased a new violin and there are many things about it that confuse me. One is why the nut was put on so that it hangs over the pegbox. Was this a common practice during a certain time period or was this a sign of poor luthier skills? I have never seen something like this, and would love to be educated on information about if anyone can help.
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