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  1. Thanks to those who tried to be helpful. I am not ‘attacking’ the repairman, however, was just looking for honest, non-patronising advice. Thanks to those who did exactly that in the spirit of professional dialogue.
  2. Just wondering what would be a good plan of action... I was given an 'old violin' and took it to a specialist string store to get looked at. Told it was definitely worth doing up (for my daughter). Took a couple of pics of instrument and label inside (best as I could) before taking it in. Got it back and the identifying label inside has had the middle third of it all scratched away - gone! The repairer made no comment to me about this when I collected the instrument and I feel so angry about this. Also, the wood under where the label was seems very roughly scraped. Would it be possible this was already like that- or unlikely? After speaking to professional players, noone seems to understand why this would have happened...and more over why it would not have been mentioned. The violin is a Strad copy, so not ridiculously wonderful instrument, but still good. Should I be concerned about this? And if so, what would you expect to be done about it? I'm assuming the part of the label that is missing is long gone.... I hate confrontation and I guess I'm thinking nothing can really be done about it anyway. Thanks for your opinion. I'm not a string player myself, but am a School Music teacher, so I do know a few bits and pieces. Cheers.
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