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  1. This my first post after lurking for some years. I am now retired after over forty years as a studio ' cellist in London and have been moved to join this board because of the approbrium being heaped on Jacob Saunders (who I do not know and have never met). Speaking personally I would never buy a broken bow however well it may seem to be repaired, nor would I sell one. A broken bow has no utility value and therefore no commercial value to me as a player, however the frog and button do have a value as possible replacements on another bow if they are of sufficient quality and in good condition. A player needs to have full confidence in their equipment. This maybe an old-fashioned view, but it has stood me in good stead over the years, and if you think acquiring a good quality fine instrument is fraught with difficulty then steer clear of classic French bows (especially if you think you can buy one "on the cheap"!)
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