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  1. Hi all, I purchased this “silver mounted” “German or French” bow on eBay recently. It was said to be a used bow that had been refurbished. Arrived a couple days ago and the fittings are nickel. The lapping is silver plated copper. And frankly, it looks like a new Chinese bow to me. I’m no expert though so I’d love to get some of your feedback before I go through the hassle of pursuing a return. Thanks in advance!
  2. Wonderful! That sounds like a fun project next after I get the violin up and running.
  3. Thanks for the good advice! I’ve got cheap carbon fiber now off of amazon that I’ve been using. If you’ve got any recommendations on a good student now, please let me know I don’t believe the violin in question has a bow with it but I won’t know for sure til it arrives, hopefully next week!
  4. PhillipKT, there are actually grafted cheeks on both sides. I payed $750 for it, which I’ll feel satisfied with if the button repair is stable. I’m not so keen on the idea of sinking a thousand more into it right of the bat, but I may suck it up and do eventually if needed. I should add, I’m not not a collector, but a violin student that started at age 29 and still has miles to go before I can justify having nice things! My grandfather used a mittenwald violin for most of his career so I’ve got a bit of a soft spot(more of a serious emotional weakness) for them. This one was supposedly owned by a violinist who lived in Chicago at the same time as my grandfather, so I like to think they could have played together at some point. Definitely a stretch, but I’m sappy like that. The Violin Beautiful, thank you for all of your valuable commentary. I’m glad to know the potential pitfalls of this particular violin a bit in advance! It will certainly soften the blow a bit should the repairs end up costing more then the instrument when I take it to the luthier
  5. Admittedly, I had not noticed that in the pictures...any idea what such a repair might run? Hopefully it’s worth the cost and hassle!
  6. The seller listed it as a Markneukirchen violin although I’m fairly certain it’s from Mittenwald. I’ll add some pictures for you to check out. I didn’t see anywhere else that looked suspicious, but I’m pretty green.
  7. Thank you both! I’m always a bit nervous to buy online, but I couldn’t pass this one up. I’m glad to hear it isn’t likely to be worms!
  8. Can I get your thoughts on these markings? I’m concerned that it could be from wood worms, but would like a second opinion. In any case, would such damage preclude you from buying an instrument? Thanks!
  9. Thank you for the great link Jacob, I’ll take a look! Thanks for your input Jackson and Germain!
  10. Thank you for taking a look, I do appreciate it.
  11. Hi all, I’m hoping to learn about this violin, as it belonged to my grandfather. Would this be a real Klotz or a copy? Thanks
  12. Thank you for your insight! Low Countries do seem a very good fit for the body. Any suggestions on where to get dendrochronology done?
  13. Thanks for your input!
  14. That’s an interesting thought! What about the neck looks Japanese if you don’t mind? I’m trying to learn whatever I can along the way!
  15. Thanks for looking! Any idea where it may have come from if not Markneukirchen? Or the construction method? Between the corner blocks, and two piece bottom rib, I’m thoroughly stumped!
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