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  1. Uploading some better pictures! Please let me know what you guys think!
  2. Thank you for your response!
  3. Hi everyone! Who do you think made this bow? It’s stamped “Collin-Mezin“ and “Mad in France” on the other side. Curious about your opinions! Thank you!
  4. What do you guys think?? The lob is 35.4 and the label says Sanctus Seraphin 1754. Needs repair. Would love your opinions! Thank you!
  5. Dear all! Thank you for all your replies! I was able to convince Tarisio to change their attribution they did specify that it could be either haha.
  6. Hello! I was looking through the latest Tarisio auction, and came upon this violin bow, which has two certificates, one says Morizot Pére and the other Morizot Fréres. What do you guys think? Which one is it? Tarisio has it as Morizot Pére. https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/lot/?csid=2199060480&cpid=3606183936&filter_key= Curious about your opinions! Bernard Millant cert says it is Fréres...
  7. Does anyone have experience buying from Vichy Auctions in France? Good or bad? Fees and shipping? Especially to U.S. Appreciate any feedback! Thank you!
  8. Hello everyone! What would you say is an acceptable violin strings height range between fingerboard and strings? 3-5 mm? E to G?
  9. Any instrument auctions coming up in September?
  10. Hi Guys! What do you think about this violin? Another German? Or could it be something more interesting? Please share your opinion!
  11. Thank you for your detailed post! Have you had a chance to look at the February Tarisio auction? Any bows or violins you got to try? Would be curious about your opinion!
  12. Would you say that, in general, his middle period bows are more of a consistent quality?
  13. To Tubbs or to bows in general? Also, would you say that 1880-1895 is his middle period?
  14. Thank you Martin! I saw that you have some nice Tubbs bows for sale!
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