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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions! I made the first leg of the trip without any problems - keeping my fingers crossed for the trip back next week!
  2. I'm hoping to take my viola on an international American Airlines flight - it's in a contoured, standard size BAM case. I've never flown alone with my viola before (I flew in 2014 with my violin as part of a chamber orchestra tour) - would this be possible? If so, does anyone have suggestions for things I should I know/prepare for? Thanks!
  3. Mr. Brown offered to mail me a violin and bow for the student!! I'm so grateful to his generosity and I'm sure my student and her family will be thrilled!
  4. Thanks! I was trying to think of ideas to start on a full size as well.
  5. Hi everyone, A young (10yo) student recently asked me for lessons (I'm currently working with another student at a local public library). She has a full-sized violin that belonged to her older sister, but it's much too large for her - I tested her out on a 1/2 size and it seemed to be a perfect fit. Also, her sister's bow hair is nearly completely unusable, and the stick is significantly warped. It'd be a stretch for her family to purchase an instrument. I know there are a lot of loan programs out there (I've actually been researching some for myself as a pre-college student), but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any for low-income students without experience or accredited program affiliation? I know there are a lot of great outreach programs and music schools that could help with this, but my area doesn't offer any and most music schools/lessons are too pricey (at least for now - I'm hoping that after a few years of lessons my current students can become competent enough to get scholarship to study with a real teacher) - also, most public schools in the area unfortunately don't offer orchestra in elementary/middle school. I'd hate to turn away a student because I couldn't find a way for her to get a violin to use - please let me know of any suggestions!
  6. Thanks for this suggestion! If I'm able to make it, I'll check out the VSA conference.
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll continue looking into them.
  8. Hi All, I am a high school student looking into purchasing a high quality viola. I am interested in instruments ranging from $12,000 to $20,000. I currently play a $4,500 Erdesz copy made in Washington, D.C. in 2016. I am open to any suggestions of shops/makers, though these would preferably be located in the mid-atlantic/northeast U.S. Thank you!
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