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  1. Let's hope not, they might think the case is valuable which is the case most of the time and pray for a quick recovery by using the tracker.
  2. You can prolong the battery life by several days by setting up long update intervals like every 30 minutes and use the real-time tracking feature in case you lose track of your instrument case. Plus you can set up a movement alarm which will trigger an instant notification if someone moves your case without your authorisation. I think for that kind of price, it is an extremely useful tool to have around.
  3. I don't think a cell phone(smartphone if you want GPS tracking) would be a very healthy choice. Plus all smartphones are rather big to hide in an instrument case and cell phones only rely on cell towers to pinpoint a location and their battery life is rather short. GPS trackers are far superior for tracking purposes and personal locators are rather small and discrete. That is why I decided to opt-in to buy a tracker. I think I am gonna go ahead and try the Spytrack, I will post my experiences after I use it. Musafia cases look cool too by the way, might be worth trying but it is a rather expensive option. Thanks for all the advice tho. Cheers.
  4. Well, I will ask for comparison then. I am guessing people don't experience theft often with their instruments. One of my good friends pointed me to this: - It is like 60 grams and 6-7 cms in length. Battery lasts up to a few days and has good connectivity through multiple layers (which is one of the most important features in my opinion). Like I said it is very cheap too, costs only £70. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I like my violin very much and I'd like to be able to recover it if the worst should happen. Anyone that uses trackers or tiles or similar devices at all... Thanks, mates.
  5. I have my eye on a few tracking devices(cheap) that can be hidden inside the case easily and have great connectivity. I was just wondering what people here are using for protection and recovery. I searched and found an old GPS topic but wasn't sure if I could post information and links there.
  6. This looks amazing, my violin is the same colour. Now I am wondering how I can achieve the same results myself.
  7. Thanks for the warning, cheers mate.
  8. Look great, I would love to check it out. Luckily I have a friend in Edmonton who can help me out.
  9. Arrius

    Absolute filth

    Well, there are a lot of cheap rosin removers on Amazon ( 5-10 $ ). A microfiber cloth and one of those oils should do the trick.
  10. I worked for a ground handling company for 4 years and I know how greedy airlines can be firsthand. But as someone said above, if you tell them how valuable your instrument is, you can find some leniency most of the time. Just out of fear of damaging an expensive equipment or being liable has an effect on airline employees.
  11. Hmm, I was looking for one for my violin, I wonder if I can find it around these parts. I live in Bristol but I recently moved and am unfamiliar with the area.
  12. As someone who is involved in graphics and editing, I hear you. Arranging and rearranging the size of the photos are important as well as their size before uploading them to a website. Thanks for the info on uploads on this site btw, as a new member I missed it. Cheers
  13. RIP I loved watching his performances. A great loss...
  14. Well, there are many reasons to select the more expensive violins but IMO the most important one is they are easier to play. Higher end violins are easier to play. They also have better sound due to having made from higher quality wood. Hope that helps.