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  1. But when most (if not all) the strads and dGs has their necks elongated, they glued in the necks, right? If we entertain the idea that a nail makes a difference in sound—I don’t—then all those holy grail instruments now sound worse. That’s unlikely.
  2. What about castel boxwood? Dov Music sells it and claims it’s a harder South American species that looks like boxwood? I got a tailpiece and chinrest made out of it and I’m very happy with it.
  3. The cradle seems excessive for me, but if it makes a difference and someone has the money to spend then to each his/her own. The rest itself looks pretty interesting. I keep my Kun pretty high but it’s shape is not optimal for me.
  4. Does anyone use the Pirastro Korkerrest (not the cradle version). I’m curious what your experiences are. I’m not interested in a shoulder rest vs no rest debate, just info on the pirastro rest. Thanks!
  5. After thorough testing of the warmer G that Mr. Warchal sent me, I can say the difference is subtle as he predicted. But the new string really has power (while singing!) in the upper registers. The original G had a certain instability on the high A on the G (above 1st octave) and now that’s gone. I feel in control again on the high G notes The string balance is even across strings, and this is definitely a powerful set of strings.
  6. Agreed, Jeff, I saw that same post. I tend to avoid that site these days because of those kinds of attitudes. Plus you can't ask a decent shoulder rest question there without being berated. MN is much more friendly. That same individual was very hostile about geared pegs as well. I wondered how they got banned from MN. Now I know.
  7. I just received a new sample G from Bohdan Warchal in the mail today. It's a different formulation than the sample set I received in the initial trial. I'll thoroughly test them against each other and report my observations in a separated thread in the near future.
  8. Better photos will help (see previous comment), but until then you can bet that the instrument is not extremely rare or valuable. Most instruments use labels as an homage to a famous maker.
  9. Back to my original topic, I'm interested, for purely academic purposes, in acquiring a dozen or so cheap instruments, recording their tap tones (to eliminate bowing variables) and remove material internally from the intact instrument and see the tonal changes, if any.
  10. I wanted to add that Mr. Warchal himself contacted me about my experience. Their focus on customer service is outstanding.
  11. I have timbres on right now. My instrument is very resonant and projects very well. I started with dominants and hated the “sandy” sound I’d get with them. I switched to tonicas as my baseline string. The timbres are well made. They project well and are a bright string on my violin. I don’t like the sound and feel in high positions on the G string, and the non whistling spiral E is taking some getting used to. I’ve had them on for three weeks and they sound like they did on day 2, which is promising for longevity. Honestly if the G string mellows out I’ll be happy. I think they’d really shine on a darker and more mellow violin. Mine has a huge projection and the timbres give it a little too much edge. Might be great in a soloist situation but I’m not there. Warchal has been a joy to do business with and I’m impressed with their quality. Dimitri
  12. Which one sounds better to you, OP? THat's what matters. No one else's opinion of a highly compressed clip on the internet, played through (in my case) bluetooth headphones will make a difference.
  13. I understand the principle but I am curious if this is something that is really necessary or recommended for most people. Living in an arid climate, I’m mostly concerned with cracks rather than distortion.
  14. A question for Don: When you are setting the tailpiece, I know you prefer to minimize parasitic vibrations, and therefore keep the tailpiece as close as possible to the saddle. I take that to be "as close without touching" but I wasn't sure if that's what you meant, or if there was a specific length you shoot for.
  15. Don, as always, you are a great source of information. Dimitri
  16. Don, that’s a great rig, thank you. I figured 10 lb is not close enough but tonight it was about testing the rig itself. I need to figure out the loading and add weight.
  17. Hello MN! I have a tailpiece that I’m going to try out on my violin. It’s a little shorter so it might increase my after length since my current tailgut is pretty short already and there is no room for adjustment. I’m suspending the tailpiece by a few old strings and have a 10 lb weight tied to the tailgut to “pre-stretch” the nylon tailgut. I know David Burgess has a jig to stretch cello tailgut, so this is a makeshift version of it. My goal is to minimize the stretch so when my luthier swaps it out the length will be close to what I want. Of course there is wrapping around the button and settling over the saddle as well, I’m just trying to eliminate a variable. Does anyone else else do this?
  18. This is what the ignore function is for. I think landofi is bored, lonely, or thirteen. Maybe I’m wrong, but then again I’ve never been offered so many fine fiddles in such a short time. I come to MN to learn, I stay for the humor.
  19. I maintain that based on Landofi’s numerous posts “I’ve been offered this fiddle” followed by cagey answering, that this is a personality issue, rather and an innocent poster being taken advantage of by dubious sellers How many of us are offered violins at this frequency without running a shop?
  20. It's the Walner Strad, picture for picture. Time to stop feeding the troll. https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/property/?ID=41588
  21. I have several sets waiting to be tried out (Warchal Timber, Evah Pirazzi Gold) so the Tonica G is just to have a backup set of my "base" string for comparison. My teacher can use the string in the school program, so I might as well let a violist use it.
  22. As a relatively new poster on MN I hesitate to write this, but it seems like the OP knew this was a tarisio auction photoset and is trolling for an unknown reason. There are several posts along the lines of "I've been offered this violin..." and it's usually an eBay fiddle and now it seems he/she's expanded source material for these fake posts. I'm glad I learned about the "ignore function" recently.
  23. It looks like the Tarisio catalog photos to me...
  24. I've decided against trying it out on my violin. I'll either donate it to my local school, or just place it in a drawer and forget about it until someone gives me a free viola.
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