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  1. Sorry for the delay! Rondos, PIs, and Rondo Golds are to me very "pure" sounding strings. The Dynamos are very textured, you get a lot of grit to the sound, which I like. For the Rondo Gold, and Rondo, I hear this midrange "honk" that I find unpleasant under the ear. The Rondo Gold are definitely better in that regard than regular Rondo. For pure, powerful strings you can't be PI. For textured, powerful strings, there's a reason Dynamo strings are getting so much attention these days.
  2. I did not like the Rondo Golds. But I also don't like Rondos. The Rondo Golds are a high-quality product, no doubts there, but I just didn't like the core of the sound--it was sterile to me. I prefer dynamos but they are completely different animal altogether. I suspect people will like the Rondo Golds overall, they just didn't do the trick for me.
  3. Michael thanks for sharing. Interesting story. I wonder how many people were taken buying this instrument for what it isn’t.
  4. At what point is a GdG no longer so? How much must remain intact/original before an instrument is no longer considered by the maker? I know that's subjective, so I'm asking rhetorically. For me, the box is the magic and the scroll and f-holes are the art. I would want top, ribs, back, and scroll to be original.
  5. Since I first posted the link they have removed the sentence “copy by John Lott”. Weird.
  6. Michael et al., thanks for your expertise. I stumbled across it and there were so many questions about it. I think a seller is definitely struggling with a valuation issue. Bought it as X, and now it's a Y.
  7. It’s a curious fiddle. Ambiguous description, low estimate (for a del Gesu, which it isn’t). And it clearly listed as a copy.
  8. My take is that Hilary Hahn’s name is driving the prestige. Plus you can’t get a strad for less than a million, so it’s time to talk up something else the middle tier fine market can afford. also, the more it sells for the better it sounds ;)
  9. Interesting fiddle at Tarisio Londo. Lots of certificates ascribing to GdG but dendrochronology dates latest rings to 1756. Interesting that Tarisio calls it a copy and then still says “ascribed to”. they are also auctioning an omobono strad. https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/lot/?csid=2200043520&cpid=4071948288&filter_key=
  10. They are barely lower tension, I think 23.1 vs 23.4 kg. My PIs were definitely old, but the dynamos really do project, I've been in orchestra rehearsals and others have confirmed it. The whole point of the dynamos, if you believe Thomastik, is that they object while having more colors. So far, I think they've pulled it off. Will I stay with them? I'm not sure. When they die off I'm putting PIs back on to see if it was a honeymoon phase kind of thing. Also, I'm about a month in, who knows how they'll sound in 3-5 months. My PIs last a long time before they give out.
  11. I have been a PI guy since I first tried them. I like pi power and tension and always considered them neutral and long lasting. I turned a few other people on to them as well. For the last month I’ve been playing dynamo strings. They are powerful, slightly lower tension, but more “colorful”. I mean they are less neutral and more projecting. I like the range of colors and sounds I get. I still like the PI, these are both excellent sets. I’d say they are like PI but more broad.
  12. I shattered mine into multiple pieces two months ago. There’s quite a bit of steel in there now. Also tore tendons. I hope you have a full recovery.
  13. Thanks, all. I’m happy to report that I’m out of my sling and in physical therapy. I have limited range of motion and even less strength. I can now hold a violin, at least. playing is exhausting and I sound terrible, very poor bow control. But I, and my instrument, survived.
  14. Good points , all, thank you! I’ll just check on it weekly while I recover. My surgeon wants me to bring it to physical therapy so they can work playing into my recovery in a few months.
  15. Thank you for the replies everyone. I may loan it out to a talented highschooler or two to play their concerts on, since it's significantly better than anything they would have, just to let it get played while I recover.
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