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  1. I see kids schlepping 5k violins around their schools all the time, it's not a huge deal if you teach them to be careful. Plus, she will "stand out", and not in a good way. You can get a better violin for less than the upper-tier CF instruments, and a policy to insure it for not much money in case something DOES happen. I'd go with a traditional violin.
  2. It doesn't take much to edit a Wikipedia page. I get emails from "professional writers" daily offering to write up a nice, glowing bio for my day job on Wikipedia. I don't think there's any vetting, although one can challenge an entry.
  3. Martin, I agree, 100%. I should have clarified. This is just one piece of the puzzle. And I don't think these kinds of plots can predict performance (maybe for a maker they are a useful reference). For me they are a curiosity.
  4. I took semitone scale spectra of my old violin (red) and the one I just bought to replace it (red). I took them in the same position, with the same mic, same bow, about 30 seconds apart. I minimized as many variables as I could, so the dB scale is close to reality. What you see is a better low end on the new one, which is evident with my ears and anyone else within earshot. The old instrument was shrill but powerful. The new one is deep and powerful. Everyone who has heard both prefers the newer instrument.
  5. leo, any context here? how long has it been raised like this
  6. I can see moisture playing a big part. My post is 2.7 mm being the bridge foot and 0.9 mm from the out edge edge of the bright foot. The post seems a little too far “east” if you catch my meaning.
  7. I went ahead and measured the “lift” with my digital calipers. The offset or lift is 0.4 mm. I attached a better picture as well.
  8. David, good points. It sounds like I need an adjustment or shorter post, but that it’s not life threatening. Where I live it’s very dry although my humidity sensor reads 38-44% (it’s calibrated).
  9. Thanks, everyone. When I can get it looked at, I will. Glad to know it's not an emergency.
  10. Jim, the post is straight, it's a camera distortion, I've looked with a mirror and the post is flush with the plates. I have not looked through the end pin because I don't want to unstring it. Shunyata, good to know. I am trying to balance caution with the sound I am currently getting. If it isn't broken (and isn't a danger) then I won't fix it. Dimitri
  11. My upper wing of my treble f-hole is raised slightly from the plane of the top, maybe 0.5 mm or so, I haven't measured it yet. It's very slight but I can certainly feel it when I run my finger over it. The soundpost was set by the luthier from whom I purchased the instrument a few weeks ago. I am 100% happy with the sound so I'd be inclined to leave the post where it is and not worry about it, but I also don't want to damage my instrument. I trust that luthier and I won't be able to see him any time soon due to distance and covid. I could take it to my local shop but I'm not 100% co
  12. Duane, I am just learning the basics, so I used poplar and pine because I expect this "violin" will be useless and kindling at the end. I didn't want to commit to spruce and maple before cutting my teeth. Yes, I should have said the Huberman, because that's the poster I happen to have.
  13. Don I was not going to copy graduations, as they should be specific to the wood used on a given instrument, but your point is well taken. I was more interested in outline and the overall "feel" of the arching. I am not looking for an exact copy per se. Eventually, if I can figure this all out, I will likely design my own form and arching, but I don't want to get ahead of myself.
  14. Out of curiosity, did you move the bass bar and sound post positions? That would certainly play a role in the frequency response.