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  1. I understand... however I have been down this road before... as I said this is a question about the label... the marks, circles format ect... when I post pictures of the violin people focus more on it then the do the question... as for label condition I think it was eaten off, but it’s in there fairly good, and passed the uv light test... i can assure you if I posted pictures, some one will say German factory, another will say something else... this has been the case for 20 years... I even had a expert in New York... tried to buy it on the spot, I was up there for a book signing and at t
  2. Here is the issue, I would upload pictures of the violin... however I did so in a Facebook group and everyone wanted to turn the focus on the violin... My question is simple, has anyone seen a label like this? The little handwritten circles on the boarder ect... and if so can you show me one? This vioin has long been a issue for me, as the maker... this part of the label is missing, if it was a factory violin German or otherwise... more labels like it would be out there, but in all of my years I have yet to find one...